July 1, 2017

  1. Modern e-shop engine: all the features suitable for an online shop, such as last viewed items and recommendations.

  2. New item creation wizard: walks you through the steps needed to list a new item for sale.

  3. New items list: tiled view and new sorting interface.

  4. App updater: update the app from inside the app; work in progress.

  5. Updated user interface: improvements to the item view.

  6. 2 Factor Authentication: 2FA enabled for Google Authenticator

  7. Many small glitches fixed

May 26, 2017

  1. App now uses the Ethereum testnet.

  2. Sidebar and main hierarchy structures have been modified. The searchbar is universal now - it works for page content if there is a searchable list, and works with full autocomplete on a non-list page. Notifications and bookmarks have been merged into the Dashboard page, which we will improve further.

  3. New Item button has been added to list views.

  4. The Ether withdrawal interface has been wired up to work with the backend

  5. Changed the website we use for exchange rates because the previous one stopped working

  6. Mailing addresses on the buy item view now work

  7. BTC is now shown along with ETH on the wallet page

  8. Many small glitches fixed

May 9, 2017

  1. Added "processing item" page (in progress), which shows a list of items being processed inside the blockchain; e.g. you click "buy item", it sends a notification to the seller right away, but it will take a few seconds/minutes (depending on how fast the blockchain works everything out) to really place an order and display the item on your "My Purchases" page -- so it goes into the "Processing" list until the order is really added to the blockchain.
  2. Added "thumb" view on View All page.
  3. Added "categories" page.
  4. Added category detail page.
  5. Saving settings locally is integrated
  6. Aliases page is back in action with actual aliases functionality
  7. Bookmarked and bookmarking items is tested and wired
  8. New easy to use tip mechanism added
  9. Some style fixes

April 27, 2017

  1. Notifications fixed, added 2 more types of notifications: finalize purchase and open dispute.
  2. Chats fixed, now working and stable.
  3. Preloaders restructured, added small preloader to display of lists.
  4. Caching system implemented, caching all incoming info at login, updating upon hitting a new page.
  5. Brought new caching servers online.
  6. Error on quit preloader fixed.
  7. Buy button removed from view of user's own items.

April 18, 2017

  1. All order statuses have been added and tested. They are displayed in the lists (under My Purchases and My Orders) and also on the detail page of the order.
  2. Buttons appear depending on order status; “message to seller” and “message to buyer” now work, and are displayed on top of the order detail page with the order status.
  3. Aliases on the order detail page and item detail page fixed.
  4. Dispute added.
  5. Imgur image upload added.
  6. Sender component added.
  7. Transaction history (loaded from an external source for now) added.
  8. Many bugfixes

April 7, 2017

  1. Aliases are working locally: each address in the app now has a small button that allows the user to replace it with a human-readable name of his choice. In every other location the address will be replaced with this alias.
  2. Notifications (in progress) are working. They are sent every time user buys an item, approves a sale, or rejects a sale, and when someone else buys their item, approves, or rejects their order.
  3. Improvements on Electron build, preparing for patching functionality, with some packaging additions to lower app weight and improve the performance.
  4. Orders have some statuses now.
  5. Item listings can now be cancelled
  6. An item can be relisted now, it works as an item cancel followed by list new item, requiring the fee again
  7. Bugfixes

March 14, 2017

  1. Fixed listing of new item with properly formatted Ether price.
  2. Fixed listing of new item with correct category.
  3. Fixed View All function, now displays all available items.
  4. Fixed purchasing process.
  5. My Items -> Sold now displays all Sold items.
  6. My Items -> Expired now displays all Expired items.
  7. My Items -> Active now displays all Active items.
  8. My Items -> Orders now displays all Orders.
  9. Chat is functioning
  10. Chat can be initiated from with an item detail view