A Team With Experience


    Paul Mahone

Founder Lead Dev Front-End

Paul is an Italian/US programmer living in Switzerland. In addition to Italian, Paul speaks English and Japanese, having lived and worked in North America as well as Asia.

He has been involved in various electronic marketplaces since 1992. During the 1990s, Paul served as CEO of Molecular Robotics, the first nanotechnology company to be listed on the NASDAQ.

    Andrew Lekar

Founder Lead Dev Back-End

Andrew has been a blockchain developer for a long time, involved with NXT since the very beginning.

He is a specialist in Javascript, databases, encryption, security, and he has built all the smart contracts that drive The Block.

    Samuele Maran

Founder Project & Marketing

Samuele is a blockchain crypto enthusiast, visionary, and entrepreneur. He spent the last three years investigating the potential applications of new technologies related to crypto-currencies.

Samuele loves our community. He manages customer relations, as well as our marketing efforts.


    Tori Arcuri

Director Of Operations

Tori has been a consultant for developing businesses for over 20 years, specializing in branding and logistics. At BitBoost, she will work to ensure operations efficiency and effectiveness, putting into practice our mission to redefine e-commence. Tori is a blockchain enthusiast and believes innovations like The Block will contribute to a fair and vibrant future for us all.

    Álvaro Rodriguez


Álvaro is a seasoned digital marketing manager, project manager, entrepreneur and blockchain enthusiast.

His role is in helping BitBoost team achieve their business objectives, to become the most popular blockchain-based marketplace.

    Maksim Sergeev

UI Dev

Maksim is an experienced javascript/typescript developer focused on MEAN stack. Maksim is a wizard with Angular, React, Node.js and many other modern javascript-related technologies.

    Riccardo Scanavacca

iOS Dev

Riccardo is a mobile developer based in London. A self-taught programmer and keen technologist, he strongly believes the future will rely on distributed ledger technology and its various applications.

When he is not developing new ideas and opportunities, he works on internal iOS apps for the BBC.

    Alessandro Tozzi

Community Manager And Marketing

Alessandro is the Technology Transfer Director for Boston Entrepreneurship Center, as well as an entrepreneur, blockchain enthusiast, and our project manager.

Alessandro is the start-up advisor to our BitBoost team, assisting in community relations and bounty acquisition. We're thrilled to have him with us!


    Yessin Schiegg

Financial, Legal & Regulatory Expert

Yessin has served as an advisor to the Ethereum Foundation. He possesses a broad network within the crypto ecosystem. He is the CFO of Alpha Associates AG, an independent private equity manager and advisor based in Zurich, Switzerland.

He is widely promoting blockchain technology and believes its applications will serve the global society. His skills are start-up advisory, private equity, and finance.

    Tommaso Bonanata

Financial Market Expert

Tommaso Bonanata is a seasoned professional in the fields of Market Analysis and Financial Engineering. Tommaso brings his professional know-how from the traditional financial markets. He worked as an Equity Fund Manager for Julius Baer and GAM for over 9 years, focusing on Emerging and Frontier regions.

His passion for Digital Assets and Blockchain Technology started in late 2013; today he is a full-time investor and advisor in the crypto space, bridging the gap between the legacy and digital worlds.