BitBoost launches The Block, a decentralized marketplace for e-commerce

Spread the word! Our main sale has begun!

The main sale will last 30 days, from October 10th to November 9th.

Buy early and save! BBT will be generated starting at 0,40 USD per token and will end at 0,46 USD per token, using a descending discount, as shown:

Phase One (7 days): Tuesday, 10 Oct - 0,40 USD per BBT - 13.043% discount
Phase Two (7 days): Tuesday, 17 Oct - 0,42 USD per BBT - 8.696% discount
Phase Three (7 days): Tuesday, 24 Oct - 0,44 USD per BBT - 4.348% discount
Phase Four (9 days long): Tuesday, 31 Oct - 0,46 USD per BBT - no discount

Sale prices for BBT are set to USD amounts. However, tokens cannot be purchased in USD, only in BTC and ETH. Therefore, the BBT token price will be changed daily to accurately reflect the USD equivalent, using Bitstamp. BBT will be distributed after the end of the main sale.

From Ambisafe (the external provider for this ICO):
In order to invest through Orderbook,
1.Gas limit should be 25000, in order to get the transaction done.
2.Some hardware wallets might experience problems with Orderbook. We recommend you transfer your funds to MyEtherWallet, or similar wallets, before sending them to Orderbook.

It's not too late!
You can still share this page with your network and help launch The Block to users around the world. Together, we can redefine e-commerce and give people an alternative that is low-cost, private, easy-to-use, customizable, and community-driven.

Already a contributor? Check your BBT balance:

Token Allocation

A total of 100 million tokens will be issued.
Token Allocation
41 million BBT (41%) will be reserved for the main token sale and future token sales and activities (see below).
25 million BBT (25%) will be sold during the token pre-sale. Tokens not sold during the pre-sale will be available for purchase during the main token sale
12 million BBT (12%) will be reserved for future contributors (see below).
10 million BBT (10%) will be reserved for the founding team and partners, of which 8 million (8%) will not be tradeable for one year.
5 million BBT (5%) will be reserved for early angel token owners and advisors, of which 3 million (3%) will not be tradeable for one year.
5 million BBT (5%) will be reserved for existing NxT FreeMarket holders.
2 million BBT (2%) will be reserved for bounty campaigns.

The Block is a blockchain-based marketplace, built on the Ethereum public blockchain. The BitBoost token (BBT) will provide sellers with listing power: BBT will be used to pay the listing fee, in order to sell items on The Block. A total of 100 millions tokens will be issued on the Ethereum blockchain using a smart contract. Our BitBoost token (BBT) will comply with the ERC20 standard and will be freely transferable on the Ethereum platform. These tokens will be the only BBT ever issued.

As shown above, 41 million BBT will be reserved for the main token generation event (TGE). If part of these tokens are not sold during the main TGE, they will be used for future sales and will be locked for a minimum period of one year. These remaining tokens will be sold at a significantly higher price than the initial pre-sale of 25 million and the main-sale tokens. They may specifically be used for:

1. Continuous business development of the BitBoost ecosystem after the launch of The Block, including strategic or business users, or token swaps with other blockchain and distributed ledger projects.

2. Legal fees, compliance, accounting, and consultancy expenses necessary to ensure that BitBoost continues to operate in a lawful and commercially sound manner.

3. Various marketing and promotional activities for BitBoost, such as media exposure, events, and PR.

Compensation for future contributors to The Block from the 12 million tokens reserved for this purpose is at the sole discretion of the founding team. Details regarding future asset sales or related joint ventures to fund the development of The Block advanced features will be announced in due course.

Redefining e-commerce

The Block is a decentralized trading platform, eliminating the high fees of traditional e-commerce, while adding privacy and encryption.

The Block Redefining e-commerce

Core Features



The Block has no centralized authority - it's built on the Ethereum blockchain using smart contracts. Transactions are completed in a trustless manner, with no third party involvement, which means no one has to rely on trust for the system to work. Transactions cannot be censored. Listed items are available at all times, to everyone, with no need for sellers to stay online 24/7, since The Block runs on thousands of computers worldwide. This makes it resistant to the kinds of attacks that force conventional websites offline. Decentralization equals greater privacy, freedom, and stability.

Absolute Privacy

Absolute Privacy

Although transactions will be on the blockchain, The Block is fully encrypted. Messages between buyer and seller are encrypted, and personal information (such as shipping address) is also encrypted by default. Your information is protected from any kind of leak or attack.

Protected Funds

Protected Funds

Trading over an anonymous, decentralized system poses a challenge - how do you know you can trust other users? The Block provides an escrow system, guaranteed by BitBoost. Buyers send payments to this escrow system. Payments are released to sellers only when goods have arrived as expected. Any disagreements will be handled through arbitration, further reducing risk. BitBoost's escrow system allows sellers to designate any provider they wish to serve as their escrow agent.

Low Fees

Low Fees

Due to its unique architecture, The Block is able to reduce our fees to 1 USD (in BitBoost tokens) per listing. The Block doesn’t charge a fee to purchase items. Even image hosting is free, and The Block takes no percentage from your final sale price.

Stable And Fast

It's Fast

Features like searching are instant, as you type. BitBoost has enhanced The Block with caching servers around the world to speed up interactions with the Ethereum blockchain.

Easy Payments

Easy Payments

The Block is available as a native app on all major desktop platforms: Windows, macOS, and Linux. The app includes support for themes and even comes with two themes built in. Users can bookmark searches, sellers, and items, for later use. And, more options are planned.



The Block is available as a native app on all major desktop platforms: Windows, macOS, and Linux. The app includes support for themes and even comes with two themes built in. Users can bookmark searches, sellers, and items, for later use. And, more options are planned.

Global Marketplace

Global Marketplace

At launch, our app will support 20 languages, with more to come. The BitBoost team wants to lower barriers to trade. We feel that access to a global marketplace is an option every human being should have.

TheBlock Ecosystem

Our Partners & Providers

We work together with:



    Paul Mahone

Founder Lead Dev Front-End

Paul is an Italian/US programmer living in Switzerland. In addition to Italian, Paul speaks English and Japanese, having lived and worked in North America as well as Asia.

He has been involved in various electronic marketplaces since 1992. During the 1990s, Paul served as CEO of Molecular Robotics, the first nanotechnology company to be listed on the NASDAQ.

    Andrew Lekar

Founder Lead Dev Back-End

Andrew has been a blockchain developer for a long time, involved with NXT since the very beginning.

He is a specialist in Javascript, databases, encryption, security, and he has built all the smart contracts that drive The Block.

    Samuele Maran

Founder Project & Marketing

Samuele is a blockchain crypto enthusiast, visionary, and entrepreneur. He spent the last three years investigating the potential applications of new technologies related to crypto-currencies.

Samuele loves our community. He manages customer relations, as well as our marketing efforts.


    Tori Arcuri

Director Of Operations

Tori has been a consultant for developing businesses for over 20 years, specializing in branding and logistics. At BitBoost, she will work to ensure operations efficiency and effectiveness, putting into practice our mission to redefine e-commence. Tori is a blockchain enthusiast and believes innovations like The Block will contribute to a fair and vibrant future for us all.

    Álvaro Rodriguez

Marketing Director

Álvaro is a seasoned digital marketing manager, project manager, entrepreneur and blockchain enthusiast.

His role is in helping BitBoost team achieve their business objectives, to become the most popular blockchain-based marketplace.

    Maksim Sergeev

UI Dev

Maksim is an experienced javascript/typescript developer focused on MEAN stack. Maksim is a wizard with Angular, React, Node.js and many other modern javascript-related technologies.

    Riccardo Scanavacca

iOS Dev

Riccardo is a mobile developer based in London. A self-taught programmer and keen technologist, he strongly believes the future will rely on distributed ledger technology and its various applications.

When he is not developing new ideas and opportunities, he works on internal iOS apps for the BBC.

    Alessandro Tozzi

Community Manager, Start-up Advisor

Alessandro is the Technology Transfer Director for Boston Entrepreneurship Center, as well as an entrepreneur, blockchain enthusiast, and our project manager.

Alessandro is the start-up advisor to our BitBoost team, assisting in community relations and bounty acquisition. We're thrilled to have him with us!

    Eva Fernández Arias

Social Media Manager - Twitter

Eva has worked as a Social Media Manager and Content Creator for more than 5 years, as a part of various agencies and media. Now, she is our Twitter account manager, creating content and posting daily to keep our supporters up on all the latest cryptocurrency, blockchain, and BitBoost news. Eva helps our users stay informed and connected to the changing world! She also assists with customer support.

    Dmitry Petrov

Developer, front-end desktop apps

Dmitry is a meticulous and passionate developer, fluent in over a dozen languages including Node.js, Javascript, and Angular. He began in front-end development, then moved on to full stack, and now assists with coding The Block for macOS, Windows, and Linux applications.

He's very interested in blockchain technology and is excited by all the possible applications. Dmitry lives in Moscow, and speaks both Russian and English.

    Moshe Malka

Developer, mobile & web

Moshe is a software engineer and blockchain enthusiast based in New York. He is a seasoned MEAN stack developer who designs, develops, and integrates cutting-edge frameworks using Javascript and Python. Moshe applies his deep knowledge of dynamic web projects to The Block, integrating our app with, a mobile Ethereum OS. Through his efforts, The Block will be made available to more users. Moshe speaks English, Hebrew, and Spanish.

    Andrea Greco


Andrea is knowledgeable in all aspects of web design and engineering having been a web developer for over 9 years. He is proficient in HTML5, CSS3, JS, and PHP. But, Andrea is not only valued for his tech skills. He studied languages and then worked in tourism in both Ireland and Italy. He speaks Italian, English, and Spanish. This love of world cultures, combined with his work ethic and knowledge base, makes Andrea an ideal fit for BitBoost.


    Yessin Schiegg

Financial, Legal & Regulatory Expert

Yessin has served as an advisor to the Ethereum Foundation. He possesses a broad network within the crypto ecosystem. He is the CFO of Alpha Associates AG, an independent private equity manager and advisor based in Zurich, Switzerland.

He is widely promoting blockchain technology and believes its applications will serve the global society. His skills are start-up advisory, private equity, and finance.

    Tommaso Bonanata

Financial Market Expert

Tommaso Bonanata is a seasoned professional in the fields of Market Analysis and Financial Engineering. Tommaso brings his professional know-how from the traditional financial markets. He worked as an Equity Fund Manager for Julius Baer and GAM for over 9 years, focusing on Emerging and Frontier regions.

His passion for Digital Assets and Blockchain Technology started in late 2013; today he is a full-time investor and advisor in the crypto space, bridging the gap between the legacy and digital worlds.

    Ian Scarffe


Ian’s experiences in the business world have allowed him valuable insight into every working aspect of an organization and the minds of millions of customers. His outstanding entrepreneurial and commercial acumen, his entrepreneurial innovation and motivation, the capacity to work at strategic levels, interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills, his passion for customer service, wealth of knowledge and vast amounts of hands on experience in almost every role will prove to be valuable assets for BitBoost.