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Browse a global marketplace, connecting directly with buyers and sellers all over the world. Do business with each other peacefully and efficiently, regardless of their location and without interference, censorship, or high fees.

Right now, you can only download the app through an invitation from the team. Please, give us your email and we will send you a downloading link as soon as possible

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How it works

Tired of having your personal data collected and sold to third parties?
Concerned about the risk of data hackers? Do you like low fees?
Easy and secure, BBM gives you the ability to trade peacefully
with people all over the world.

Download the app

BBM is available for Windows and macOS. Linux and mobile devices coming soon! To use it just download and install the application, and then create a Wallet. You can load your Wallet from within the app.

Get currency

Buyers and sellers will need Ether. Sellers may also use BBT instead of Ether in order to pay a lower fee for successful listings. If your listings don't sell, you pay nothing to us!

Use the app

Check out all the features and options. Sellers, try listing some items - you may sell anything that complies with the Terms of Use. Buyers, browse through the listed goods and purchase what you want by clicking the Buy button. Ether will be withdrawn from your wallet and placed in escrow. The seller must approve the purchase and send you the item. Finally, both you and the seller must mark the transaction as completed for the seller to be paid, or either one of you may open a dispute with your selected Arbiter instead.

Some common questions
about BitBoost Marketplace

What are the system requirements to run the app?

Minimum requirements: 300MB of free disk space, 1Ghz processor, 2GB RAM, and a stable internet connection. BBM is compatible with:
Windows - Windows 7 and newer
macOS - Snow Leopard and newer
Linux - Coming soon!!
We haven't tested every operating system version yet, so if you try them, let us know the results!

Do I need to register to use BitBoost Marketplace?

No, there is no registration process, and you do not need to disclose any personal information. When you run BBM for the first time, you will be asked to enter a strong password and an ether wallet will be generated for you. Ether wallets are anonymous.

What do I need to buy an item?

Buyers will need ether to pay for the things they want to buy.

How can I refill my wallet?

It is possible to fill or refill your Wallet in three ways. Once you have created your Wallet, you may send ether to it directly, you may buy ether from within the Wallet using Bitcoin, or you may buy ether within the Wallet using a credit card.

What if BitBoost Marketplace is not available in my language?

We want BBM to be available in as many languages as possible. If you are able to translate into your native language from English, please contact us.

What do I need to list an item on the app?

Sellers can use BBT to pay a discounted listing fee on each item sold, or just pay in ether. If you don't sell anything, you don't pay any fees to BitBoost. (Small amounts of ether will also be needed to pay transaction fees to the Ethereum network.)

About buying and selling

What can I sell?

Anything that you personally can legally sell, you can also sell on BBM. You are responsible for knowing what is legal for you to sell in your jurisdiction. You must agree to the app Terms of Use before you sell anything using the app.

Can I use BTC or other coins?

Not at the moment. However, you may buy ether using bitcoin from within your app Wallet. We are investigating how to offer support for other digital currencies, including bitcoin, and national currencies, such as the dollar and the euro.

Can I buy/sell illegal items?

BitBoost does not encourage or support the sale of illegal items. Please note the app does serve a global population. Not every item is illegal, or legal, in every jurisdiction. The Terms of Use require only that you comply with your local laws, which is your responsibility when listing items for sale.

Be aware that BitBoost Marketplace is built on a public blockchain, and law enforcement can track illegal items. Dark markets and private blockchains are more suited to illegal activity. The BitBoost filter should catch most illegal items. If you see something you believe is illegal, you may contact us at [email protected] so the matter can be investigated.

Adult items may be found by searching for certain tags such as "drug", "gun", or "sex", but as said, these items must be legal to sell and purchase. Sellers, please use accurate tags to maintain your good reputation.

How can I become an Arbiter?

To act as an Arbiter, a seller simply has to use your Ethereum address as the arbitration provider when listing an item. Any disputes will then fall to you for resolution, and you will have control of the escrowed funds. It is up to you to set your fees, but understand that you will be competing with other Arbiters for sellers’ business.

What are the fees?

BitBoost is able to reduce our only fee to less than 1% of the cost of goods sold (and even less if paid in BitBoost tokens). List as many items as you want without paying an upfront fee. If nothing sells, you don't pay. Even image hosting is free.

What happens to my listings if I am offline?

Your item listing lives on the Ethereum blockchain, so you do not need to be online for your item to be found by shoppers and purchased.

What if I lose my password?

Keep your password somewhere safe. Do not lose or forget your password, or you will be unable to access your funds. Since BitBoost Marketplace is completely private, the developers will never have access to your information or passwords. They cannot help you if you lose your password, so be careful.

Is there a reputation system?

Yes, you can rate buyers, sellers, and arbiters on the marketplace. Reputations are important in establishing user confidence. We will be making every effort to improve this system as we go, to ensure as much user integrity as possible.

How does escrow work?

If a seller chooses to offer an item for sale with escrow protection, then the seller must select an Arbiter. Then, if either party has a difficulty they cannot peacefully resolve on their own, one of them can request arbiter assistance. An Arbiter is a third party who takes control of the escrowed funds in the event that the buyer or the seller opens a dispute. It is the job of the Arbiter to review the dispute and distribute the escrowed funds as s/he sees fit. If there is no dispute, and the buyer and seller both finalize the transaction, then the escrowed funds are released to the seller, with no Arbiter involvement.

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