How do I list/sell an item?

1. Click on the “List New Item” tab on the left navigation bar.

2. A List New Item form will appear. Enter all information related to the item you want to sell. It is important to complete all mandatory fields:

  • ITEM TITLE: This is the name of item that you wish to sell.
  • ITEM DESCRIPTION: Provide all details relating to the item: dimensions, weight, color, design materials, terms of use, or other important characteristics. You may also choose to list any possible defects. Remember that the buyer of your item will be asked to rate you after the sale is concluded. Honesty is important.

  • CATEGORY: The kind of item (e.g. Antiques, Cell Phones, Specialty Services, etc.).
  • QUANTITY TO SELL: Specify the number of copies that you wish to sell in this listing.
  • PRICE: The price of the item.
  • LISTING DURATION: For how long will the item will be listed (e.g. 24 hours, 7 days, etc.)?

If you wish, you can provide additional info:

MAIN IMAGE URL or UPLOAD: You can display images of your item. There are 2 options: if you use “Main Image URL” you need to paste the link of a file hosting service, like Imgur. Or, you can use the UPLOAD button which lets you to upload an image directly from your local HD. A tutorial for this is available on the Tutorial page here.

  • TAG: You can insert keywords to better identify your item. There are 3 TAGs available. This is highly recommended. Using these keywords will assist Buyers when they are searching for a specific kind of item. A tutorial on Basic Searching is available on the Tutorial page here.
  • SHIPPING OPTIONS: In “Shipping Options” you may choose to select “Shipping address required.” In this case, the platform lets you choose up to 3 shippers.
  • ESCROW OPTIONS: In the “Escrow Options” field, you can specify your escrow’s ETH address.
Once you’ve inserted all info in the required fields, simply click “List Item” and your announcement will be published on the Ethereum blockchain. Congratulations, you're a Seller on The Block!