10 August 2017
What benefits can buyers and sellers expect from The Block?

What benefits can buyers and sellers expect from The Block?

As explained in previous articles, the BitBoost team is preparing to release a blockchain-based marketplace which will redefine global e-commerce. It’s called The Block, and it’s […]
9 August 2017
Partnership with Beyond Visuals

BitBoost partners with Beyond Visuals to deliver the best user experience.

BitBoost is pleased to announce a new partnership with Beyond Visuals, a design company which will help us to deliver the best artwork and design to […]
31 July 2017
The BTT Token

A brief description of BBT, our token for The Block.

The core of any ethereum blockchain ecosystem is the token, the digital asset that allows users to run whatever features and functions are available. Therefore, knowing […]
28 July 2017
Privacy and encryption in The Block


At BitBoost we do care about privacy. We believe that our users have the right to control and preserve their personal data, so we do not […]
26 July 2017
how the block works

How does The Block work?

As a decentralized marketplace, The Block has no central server, no middlemen, and works fully encrypted. Nevertheless, this doesn´t mean that at BitBoost we didn´t carefully […]
24 July 2017

E-commerce trend report marketplaces adoption. Where are we going with The Block?

E-commerce trends report E-commerce represents a relatively new sector, but it is one that already constitutes a sizeable fraction of global retail sales and that is […]
20 July 2017

Our history as a company

BitBoost is a blockchain project with already many years of coding and work. We are not talking about a rush-for-the-ICO run, but about a real application […]
18 July 2017
BEC partnership

BitBoost partners with Boston Entrepreneurship Center

BitBoost, the blockchain company developing The Block, has recently partnered with Boston Entrepreneurship Center, or BEC. This partnership will help to develop the business model for […]
17 July 2017

Our roadmap

Roadmap for BitBoost and The Block With our core software already in beta, we wanted to explain to the community what we plan for the immediate […]
14 July 2017
The Block features

What is The Block? Main technical features.

The Block is a fully decentralised e-commerce marketplace, designed for privacy and low fees. It takes the form of a standalone app based on Ethereum’s smart […]