Last updated on March 7th, 2018,

We are launching our Sellers Program!

It’s happening! During the first half of 2018, we’ll be setting up the foundation for our project. This means finishing the app, finding our first group of sellers, and seeding our live marketplace with a large supply of items to purchase. We will release our next product build shortly, which will be a cleaner, more functional build. For now, we will explain what steps we are taking to seed our marketplace:

  1. We are searching the web to find potential sellers. Our candidates are those vendors that are already accepting crypto for e-commerce, who want to join us to redefine e-commerce through blockchain.
  2. We have designed a referral campaign (aka bounty campaign) to leverage our community. Our followers and collaborators will receive a reward for every seller they onboard.

If you are a vendor who would like to join us, you can subscribe to our Sellers Program through this landing page. Once you’ve signed up, we will send you a series of emails explaining the advantages of our service as well as next steps to take.

Using the Sellers Program we can also define and better serve our target market. As part of our strategy, we are looking for the right market niches to focus on in order to obtain early liquidity in our marketplace. Then, we will ask potential sellers to confidentially send us information about their products, location, and so on to match them with compatible buyers. If you would like to participate, please complete our Sellers Form.

Finally, we are working with already onboarded sellers to improve our product. We invite our first users to download, try, and test the app. Then, send thoughts and suggestions to [email protected] so we can provide you with the best user experience possible.

That’s it. We hope you’ll join us as a vendor. Let’s redefine e-commerce together!