Our token main sale starts today!

Finally, we are starting our last sprint! We are launching our main token sale! It will begin on October 10th at 14:00 UTC and will end on November 9th at 14:00 UTC. BBT will be generated starting at 0,40 USD per token and will end at 0,46 USD per token, using a descending discount, as shown:

  1. Phase One, starting Tuesday 10th of October, 0,40 USD per BBT.
  2. Phase Two, starting Tuesday 17th of October, 0,42 USD per BBT.
  3. Phase Three, starting Tuesday 24th of October, 0,44 USD per BBT.
  4. Phase Four, starting Tuesday 31st of October, 0,46 USD per BBT.

Tokens can be purchased through the escrowing system of Orderbook.io in BTC and ETH. Therefore, the BBT token price will be changed daily to reflect the USD equivalent, using Bitstamp. Please, visit our main sale page here: https://www.bitboost.net/main-sale/

BitBoost’s goal with the token sale is not to raise funds to create a product. Unlike many token sales, BitBoost already has a product. The team needs to sell tokens in order to finish the app and to start growing a more robust platform, with a purpose in mind: to redefine e-commerce. Instead of using a centralized approach, BitBoost wants to facilitate e-commerce by making decentralized e-commerce a worldwide activity, with no intermediaries or big players controlling the whole ecosystem.

BitBoost invites everybody to read its white paper, where the technology and project are described in detail. For further inquiries, please email [email protected]. Thanks a lot for your support!