Technical Updates for our blockchain-based marketplace beta 0.3

At BitBoost we’re always working hard to design a product that our users will enjoy. Our talented development team has made many improvements this summer and we will continue to innovate until we’re ready to bring our blockchain-based marketplace to the Etherium live blockchain in 2018. As our beta testing period is approaching fast, we’ve doubled our efforts to offer our users a positive first experience. Here are many of the technical updates we’ve implemented in recent weeks.

Our blockchain-based marketplace Beta 0.3 Technical Updates

  1.  The Dashboard is now the default view.
  2.  Categories changes: in lists views, empty categories are hidden, active categories show number of items in each category, categories are sorted by popularity. Items with unrecognised categories are now marked as “Uncategorised.”
  3.  Fixed bug with endless preloader unless app was clicked on login.
  4.  Saved addresses functionality added. Now in Preferences you can add some addresses you frequently use for delivery, which will appear in autocomplete in item view when ordering an item.
  5.  On Dashboard page added 2 new UI elements: Announcement and News. Announcement is current information about our blockchain-based marketplace project with a title, a description and a link to inner application page.
  6.  Added new page for detailed information for News.
  7.  Pre-listing legal information + checkbox added both on “List New Item” and “New Item Listing Wizard” pages.
  8.  Feedback link now leads to BETA info page.
  9.  Application structure slightly changed, Nav Menu rearranged.
  10.  2 Factor Authentication functionality has been removed.
  11.  Breadcrumbs text changed on multiple pages.
  12.  Alias page improved, now user can change, remove, and search through aliases listed.
  13.  Fixed bug where expired items were showed on View All and Category view.
  14.  Change alias icon removed from “Chat with” block.
  15.  Previously unviewed updates on purchases and orders are now light up first time user sees them.
  16.  Advanced mode button on listing item wizard is now a link.
  17.  Changed texts, added currency on listing item wizard.
  18.  Added back the ability to buy multiple number of items.
  19.  Advanced mode of listing item now has a link to the Item Listing Wizard.
  20.  Fixed error on multiple clicks on “Shipping required” on advanced mode.
  21.  Fixed error where arrow was pointed in wrong direction.
  22.  Dashboard refactor in progress.
  23.  Icons for multiple pages updated to appropriate ones.
  24.  Fixed bug where clicking on category on detail item led to white screen.
  25.  Fixed markup glitches on different languages.
  26.  Suggestion component refactored. Added category and price, added new logic for sorting.
  27.  Multiple translations changed to fit different types of languages and use of variables.
  28.  Item lists have been moved into another unified component, a little restyled, bugs fixed with icon overflowing text and other CSS glitches.
  29.  Fixed error when category was appearing wrong on detailed item page
  30.  Added margin between letter to seller and suggested component.
  31.  Added placeholder on empty tables of active items, sold items, and my purchases.
  32.  Expired and active items functionality fixed.
  33.  Active items list now shows items’ expiration dates.
  34.  Active item relisting page reworked.
  35.  Breadcrumbs are cut out from the whole app.
  36.  Not working/not tested functionality cut out of preferences page.
  37.  Added connection error handler, now does not allow use of application when disconnected from internet.
  38.  Style fixes on Wallet, added preloader.
  39.  Small bug fixes, style fixes, refactored code. and performance updates.



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