Uploaded October 25th, 2018

Tech Update October 25, 2018. New release and IPFS implementation.

New release and IPFS implementation of the BitBoost Marketplace.

Today BitBoost is releasing the first beta of BitBoost Marketplace that includes partial use of the Interplanetary File System (IPFS). You can download the Windows and macOS versions of the app from our Github Page

This beta runs on the Rospten test network. It is not live. We’ve created this version for testing purposes and so that you can see how it works. Any payments you receive will be test currency and have no real value. We plan to run the beta for about two weeks and use feedback to work out final bugs before moving this version to the main “live” Ethereum network.

IPFS allows our app to move away from storing data on the Ethereum blockchain. The blockchain has many valuable features, but data storage is not one of its strong points, and IPFS is perfectly suited to handle data storage at a price that is hard to beat: free. We keep data on the blockchain when it is worth paying for, such as when it is tied to monetary transactions, and we keep data in IPFS when it is not directly related to transactions. For example, we will use the blockchain when money moves from one account to another – the transaction cannot be completed without these two account numbers  – but the details of what has been purchased can be stored in IPFS without breaking the transaction. This helps with security too, as purchase details can be deleted later.

Our dev team has invested a lot of effort in moving part of our app to IPFS, and this is just the first step. We still have work ahead of us, but even this partial support brings big savings in gas costs that have to be paid to the Ethereum network. Our goal is to get gas costs as low as possible, and future releases will bring deeper reliance on IPFS over Ethereum where possible. We expect this hybrid approach to become a standard balance for distributed apps that store data, so you should see more teams adopt the same mix of IPFS and Ethereum that we are pioneering.

In this beta, there are some known bugs that we are still working on. Here are the notes for our testers:

What is working with IPFS and Ethereum.

– User can list error-free blockchain/IPFS items

– Buy request can be placed for IPFS/blockchain items

– Orders are updated appropriately on the seller’s end

– Transaction statuses are updated appropriately (purchase accepted/purchase finalized)

– Rejection status is updated appropriately only on blockchain transactions

– Data is updated appropriately in both nodes, with user having access to items uploaded by other nodes by selecting Store Name

– User can set Store Name and navigate stores as expected

– Blockchain buy/sell flow can be completed successfully by the user

– IPFS buy/sell flow can be completed successfully by the user

– Notifications work accurately, user receiving notifications on both IPFS and blockchain transactions

– Chat also works as expected on both IPFS and blockchain orders

– Reviews can be left for both IPFS & blockchain orders

Note: during the most recent internal testing session, JSON RPC network errors were encountered two times in two hours. There may be possible network errors expected on Ropsten.

Known issues in this beta release.

– Error on gas, constant interrogation on gas values after sync processes are completed (noticeable only if user starts the app from Gitbash console log)

– ETH & BBT transactions are not logged in user’s wallet transactions on Ropsten network

– Not all IPFS items are synced into all nodes

– Rejecting blockchain sale triggers tx status “purchase finalized”

– Multiplication of tx statuses inside transaction data page at buyer’s end  

– Transaction reverted by EVM error returned when user rejects blockchain sale

– IPFS reject sale status does not update in UI

– Contradiction on user flow action statuses inside transaction data page (mixed statuses – not 100% reproducible)

– Gas values constantly loading inside Preferences page, gas module

– IPFS status ON/OFF does not highlight the appropriate button of users selection

– IPFS setting is automatically set ON/OFF without user interaction

– User statuses (Buyer/You) are mixed inside IPFS transaction pages

– IPFS tx status “buy request sent” has a different color than blockchain status inside transaction data page

– User can not bookmark IPFS items

– Search inside Orders and My Purchases does not retrieve any result

– Accepting buy request multiple times on IPFS sale causes the item to be duplicated in View All

– User action clicks at times do not get performed, forcing the user to re-click the button

In addition to known bugs, we greatly value your feedback in identifying bugs that we have not yet found through our own testing. Please alert us to any problems you encounter at [email protected].