Uploaded November 7th, 2018

Tech Update for November 6, 2018

BitBoost Tech update, 7th of November, 2018.

The team has been iterating on our latest version very quickly, trying to make the new Interplanetary File System (IPFS) features as simple to use as possible.

You may recall from previous tech updates that we are in the process of switching from complete reliance on the Ethereum blockchain to a hybrid model, where we keep monetary transactions on the blockchain but store data on IPFS. This approach has already drastically lowered the gas costs of listing an item for sale, and we are working to move every step of the buy-sell process to this model.

Our previous beta release incorporated IPFS for the first time. This was a huge step forward for the product, but it required that the user install and run their own IPFS node. This is not something that a typical user would want to be required to do, however. Now, we are happy to report that our latest beta release does all the hard work for you. The new app includes a built-in IPFS node, so all you have to do is run the BitBoost Marketplace app, and all the IPFS magic happens behind the scenes, automatically.

For now, it is necessary for sellers to keep BBM running so that buyers can finds their items; however, this is just an intermediate step. We are working on a solution to this problem that will allow a seller to list his items and then go offline, with no concern about keeping his app running and online. We have been engineering this solution for several months, and we are looking forward to incorporating it into our app as soon as possible.

Current known bugs:

  • Rejecting sale on blockchain item triggers another action “purchase finalized”
  • Accept IPFS sale, removes the IPFS tag in View All
  • Dev Tools error “Unhandled promise rejection: Cannot read property ‘forEach’ of undefined
  • Multiple requests “resetSettings” when “Clear Settings”button is clicked
  • Search inside Orders and My Purchases does not retrieve any result
  • getFunds on IPFS sale returns EVM error
  • Finalize ETH sale – user is not specified on ‘dispute continued’ action
  • Gas values constantly loading
  • Buttons “GET ORDERS” and “GET PURCHASES” are triggering the same request type
  • Slow performance of the app
  • IPFS status does not highlight the appropriate button
  • Purchase request notification for IPFS item gets duplicated/multiplied in Dashboard, Notifications
  • Crash on IPFS Tx returns correct message, but no record of the tx can be found inside DB

FIXED bugs from previous build:

  • IPFS accept sale status does not update at buyer’s end
  • IPFS setting is automatically reset
  • Transaction statuses are multiplied in UI at buyer’s end in transaction data page
  • Create an IPFS node programmatically
  • Incorrect user statuses executing finalize purchase (Buyer/Seller/You) inside IPFS transaction data
  • Wrong color for IPFS tx status “buy request sent”
  • Storefront name is not saved
  • Refund buyer on ETH sale – wrong sequence order and action statuses