How to Swap FreeMarket Assets for BitBoost Tokens

Before our blockchain-based marketplace, there was NXT FreeMarket, a decentralized marketplace built on the NXT blockchain by developers who are now part of the BitBoost team. Many members of the NXT community invested in FreeMarket, and received FreeMarket assets in return. BitBoost appreciates the early support it received in the NXT world, and now wants to reward those early investors by swapping their assets for BitBoost Tokens (BBT).

There are four steps you need to take in order to convert your FreeMarket assets to BBT.

1. Create an Ethereum wallet that is able to accept BBT
2: Send your FreeMarket assets to us
3. Prepare your wallet to accept BBT
4. Wait

In detail:

1. Create an Ethereum wallet that is able to accept BBT

Not every wallet can accept BBT. BBT are based on the ERC20 token standard, so you must use a wallet that can accept this kind of token.

The popular website MyEtherWallet is one of these, and that is what will be used as an example in this guide. If you use a different wallet, be sure you know what you are doing.

To create your wallet, visit and use the “Create New Wallet” function on the home page.

If you need help, read their documentation here:

Note the Ethereum address of your new wallet; you will need it for step 2.

2: Send your FreeMarket assets to us

Open your NXT wallet and click on the Assets box.

On the next page, find FreeMarket in your list of assets, and click the “Transfer” button in that row.

For the Recipient field, use this address: NXT-5ZNG-7DLM-7ZQJ-CQS8P

For the quantity, this should be your entire balance of FM assets.

When you transfer your FreeMarket assets, be sure to include the address of your new Ethereum wallet. You can do this by checking the “Add a Message?” option. Enter your wallet address in the Message field. Check the boxes for “Encrypt Message” and “Message is Never Deleted.”

Enter your account passphrase and click the “Submit” button.

3. Prepare your wallet to accept BBT

You will need three pieces of information in order to prepare your wallet correctly:

– Address: 0x1500205f50bf3fd976466d0662905c9ff254fc9c
– Token Symbol: BBT
– Decimals: 4

After you log in to your wallet, click the “Add Custom Token” button under “Token Balances.”

Enter the information above, and click “Save.” Your wallet is now ready to accept BBT.

4. Wait

BBT will be released after the main sale ends on November 9, 2017. Once the tokens have been released, you may leave them in Orderbook, send them to your wallet in our blockchain-based marketplace, or send them to your MyEtherWallet.