Sellers will need BBT. This is how to get them.

The BitBoost Token (BBT) is a utility token, designed to enable users to list their goods on our e-commerce app. Since they will need BBT in order to use our service, sellers will also need a way to purchase tokens.

Tokens can be bought and sold on participating exchanges. For regulatory reasons, BitBoost has taken no action to get our token listed on any exchange. However, in anticipation of our live app release coming in June, some exchanges have independently decided to list our token. Sellers can therefore find the BBT on EtherDelta and other sites.

Most recently, the BBT has been added to Crex and BarteDEX by the staff of those exchanges. Crex is a low-tier exchange, with dozens of tokens already available. As a centralized exchange, it is ruled by a staff, with a support hotline available for all of the traders. BarteDEX is a decentralized exchange. It is open source and free for everyone, but lacks the customer support features of centralized exchanges.

We, at BitBoost, would like to remind you of the risks involved with using exchanges and with the use of digital tokens in general. Blockchain is a new world of technology. There is great promise but, as with all things, it is not perfect. The various government regulatory bodies are working to protect you but they are still in the process of determining best practices. You should learn as much as you can before choosing to use any digital token and before getting involved in any blockchain project.

BitBoost has created a Risk Disclosure document to help with this. You can find the link at the bottom of every page on our website by clicking “Legal.”  

Meanwhile, we would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for your support and patience. Blockchain projects can disrupt current practices and change the world, but we are nothing without our communities. Keep learning. Keep making great suggestions to help us redefine e-commerce. We listen. Thank you!