Last updated on September 12th, 2018,

Our purpose as a company, v. 2.0.

In the summer of 2017, when we started with our marketing campaign for the ICO, we published a small article explaining our purpose to redefine e-commerce. At the time, it seemed like a good purpose, but now that we’ve gained more experience and perspective, we realize that it could use some improvement.

A few months ago, we read Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why” methodology, and it really spoke to us. Basically, Sinek explains that any company or individual, in order to define their guiding principle, or purpose, should start asking why. Why do we do what we do? Why do we want to do it? Only after you’ve answered the Why, does Sinek suggest that people answer How and What. This is a simple, but very powerful exercise called The Golden Circle.

So, during our last overall business meeting in January, we ran this Golden Circle exercise, to explore and better define our purpose as a company. The results were really interesting. We found that, actually, creating an e-commerce application is just the How of our purpose. But we had not yet defined our How and Why. After a brainstorming session, we came to the following conclusion:

    • Why are we doing this? Because we want to make commerce easier for everybody in the world.
    • How are we pursuing that purpose? We are empowering individuals using blockchain technology, removing middlemen and thus facilitating free and efficient e-commerce between individuals and institutions.
  • What are we doing to achieve our goals? We are creating a blockchain-based marketplace, and we are figuring out how to deliver even more tools to our users.
BitBoost's Golden Circle

BitBoost’s Golden Circle

What we realized by asking these questions, is that the core of our business is not simply being on the blockchain, but it’s about meeting people’s needs. We can craft the most advanced blockchain solution of the world, but if we aren’t solving real problems for real people it is completely useless. The blockchain is about people, a community of users freely interacting.

Therefore, although we are a technology/software company, at our core we just want to contribute to a better community. We see ourselves as the facilitators for community exchange, creating the best possible tools we can make for that purpose.

And as a community-focused company, we are trying to be as transparent as we can.  Our marketing and business development plans are wide open to everybody. We invite you to help us build our community of sellers, we actively engage all users to help us build a better product, and we are always on Telegram for anyone with questions or suggestions. We try to be as reachable as we can. Our business decisions are driven by our purpose: to make e-commerce easier for everybody in the world.

So, please, stay tuned. Much more is coming in the following weeks!