Our purpose as a company

Blockchain technology is here and it is transforming the world. Visionary developers within the blockchain community are laying the foundation for a decentralised internet to improve reliability, security and freedom. At BitBoost, we are convinced that this will enable a whole new level of applications and services, making the world a better place for everyone. We’re working hard to make the dream come true!

Right now we are developing a truly free digital trade platform, in which anyone can conduct business peacefully, regardless of their location, and without interference or censorship. It’s an app called The Block, our first contribution, and a big step towards a decentralised Internet. The Block is a marketplace that gathers the best features of a regular digital marketplace (such as Ebay) and combines them with the advantages of blockchain technology: it’s secure, always online, free from middlemen, and community driven. Simply put, we are redefining e-commerce. Here’s our CEO, Paul Mahone, to tell you more:

We’re trying to make a difference out there. Please share this with others. We’d greatly appreciate it!