Last updated on April 11th, 2018,

October technical updates for our blockchain-based marketplace

Since the release of our private beta, our dev team has been working hard to fix all the bugs detected by our first testers (thanks, people!). We are preparing the public beta release, which will come very soon, so we can tell you about the most important technical updates for our blockchain-based marketplace, made in October:

  • In the transaction page detail, we added the ability to enter your own link for a blockchain explorer.
  • News section is hidden until we have news pulled directly from the blog.
  • Orders/purchases sync improved.
  • Fixed beta styles.
  • Fixed beta external URL opening.
  • View All Items sorting shows active type in dropdown.
  • Added a Buy Item error handler when user has too little money to complete purchase.
  • When clicking on a tag, tag is highlighted on the page.
  • Suggested items has better logic now (it was almost always empty).
  • My Orders: fixed problem “could not get items from DB”.
  • Fixed bug where app would not run on Linux.
  • Single Item price overflow bug fixed.
  • Single item inoperative back button on image fixed.
  • Clear cache function now logs you off.
  • Block listing with 0 BBT in wallet now shows text instruction on how to get BBT.
  • Actions refactored — now every event creates an ACTION, which is shown on bottom left part of the screen. Blocks any action when another action is in progress.
  • Error reporting checks & fixes.
  • Added a tutorial on first start.

Our next beta release will include all these updates, plus a few more still in development. Of course, we will let you know when it is ready for downloading. Thanks for being there!!