New technical releases for The Block

At BitBoost we have been working for over a year to develop The Block, taking e-commerce to the blockchain in order to unleash the power of free trade. Our purpose is to redefine e-commerce, by using Ethereum blockchain technology and working with the community to create a successful and profitable e-commerce app, The Block. As we approach our launch date, we are working hard on the beta release (you can sign up at this link). Every month we are releasing new features and June is full of them!

June 2017 technical releases and updates.

In June, the application was heavily redesigned to suit today’s e-shop trends, improving UX. The code was extensively cleaned up and an automatic updater was added. We released features in several areas:

E-shop Engine

The E-shop Engine was added: this module contains many features suitable for a modern e-shop.

  • last viewed items: stores and returns last 5 viewed items
  • recommendations: on detail item view, recommendations of items that are possibly interesting to the buyer appear. The selection logic is based on category and tags of items previously viewed.
  • notifications on bookmarked items: when a bookmarked item is about to expire it shows a notification (work in progress).

Libraries updated

All libraries were updated to the current versions, including an update of the Angular engine from Angular 2 to Angular 4. Major updates:

  • angular 2 -> 4.2.4
  • ng2-translate -> ngx-translate
  • rxjs -> 5.5.0

Cleanup & refactoring

Clean up of code comments, unnecessary logging, and test code (work in progress);

Updated UI of the entire app: buttons, preloaders, etc.

New Item Wizard

We added help for item creation process, improved form error handling; added wizard for item creation.

Items list

Pagination lazyload (loads more goods on scroll) added, more fields on the item view added (listing time period), expired items are blocked from this view, new sorting component and logic.



An in-app updater allows users to update to the newest release version from inside the app (work in progress) using GitHub as release repository and Nuts server for watching updates.



Mac Release

Item detail

Improvements to default item view: all important fields are presented to the user on page load, no longer hidden in an expandable field.

Item Detail

Viewed items and suggested components

Visual implementation of e-shop engine logic: on every item detail page the user can see smart-sorted items based on previously viewed items, tags, categories, and images. On dashboard page the user can see recently viewed items.


Other changes:

There are also many minor changes included this month:

  • webpack DLL configured for faster builds
  • added “Clear Settings & Cache” button
  • prompt component
  • 2FA enabled
  • dropdown menu component
  • fixed error on viewall list which did not let the user switch view until the user performed some UI action

If you are not a developer, maybe you need to check out our app, The Block, for yourself. Don’t hesitate, sign up for beta testing, and gives us your feedback. It will be really appreciated!

(We love user feedback and ideas. Also, if you think the people you know would find this useful, please share it with them!)