Meet our new partner PassLfix

At BitBoost we are working hard to redefine e-commerce through our blockchain-based marketplace (if you haven’t registered yet for beta testing, please do so on our website) We also believe that this goal requires the collaboration with other blockchain startups, who are willing to reinvent the value chain for digital business. Because of that, we are now actively developing several partnerships with other companies, and we are happy to announce our first one with PassLFix, a smart delivery service. In this interview, we ask PassLFix CEO Frederic Vedrunes to explain the purpose, features and roadmap for his company, together with his expectations for our partnership.

Most new blockchain startups were born with a clear purpose. What is yours?

To create solutions for smart deliveries, using emerging technologies like the blockchain and the Internet of Things.

How did you come to the idea for this service?

I live far from my family in a remote country. Sending or receiving parcels is either unreliable or very expensive, if I want for instance a fast shipping time. The idea came in June 2016. One of my colleagues has forgotten his belongings in a remote hotel after a journey and he couldn’t find a solution to receive them in a short time, although other travellers could bring them for him. This is how the idea of a delivery smart contract was born. I made a proposal to the DAO but because of the attack I decided to create a new DAO (Pass DAO) with no blocked ethers in a smart contract and with the purpose of serving delivery businesses in a decentralized way. In September 2016, I participated in the International Blockchain Conference in Shanghai to present the concept and met Vitalik Buterin. His response was: ‘Yes, I think you can use smart contracts for decentralized delivery services, but you need to track the parcels during transit.’ The concept seemed clear but I thought that it needed a prototype to make sure. I worked on this prototype with partners I met in EDCON in Paris and we now see many potential applications – not only in the P2P delivery sector. But, of course, we have to adapt these solutions to customers’ or partners’ requirements. This is the work PassLfix will carry out.

How many people are in your team? What background do you have?

At the current time, the company PassLfix is very young and light but we intend to hire and we have technical partners in Germany, Finland and France. The project is ambitious and needs highly-skilled specialists.

What stage are you currently in – do you have a working service?

We are in the development phase.

Please, can you explain to us your business plan? Do you charge a fee for your service?

PassLfix will develop solutions for its customers or for Pass DAO. After launch, the idea is that Pass DAO will serve delivery businesses and take a part of fee they receive from users.

Do you have any roadmap for your service? Are you working on new features?

At the current time, we are working on the API for the setting of delivery contracts and on the mobile phone application for mapping and messaging features.

What advantages does your service deliver to users that makes you different from other shipping companies?

  1. Cash on delivery: The sender does not need to make a prepayment and the recipient can easily buy a specific local product from a remote region.
  2. Deposit insurance: The system foresees that the courier and not the user should take out insurance in case of a delayed train or flight, for instance. This is a big difference with centralized postal services, which cannot give a guarantee to users and are not incentivized to deliver on time.
  3. Real-time tracking and monitoring of parcels: Tracking objects during transit and/or from a postbox or depot improves the quality of the provided delivery service and is a way to avoid or solve many disputes.

Who are your competitors at this moment?

This ‘technology’ is new. Maybe

At this moment you are based on Moscow – are you planning to expand to other cities soon?

At the current time, I live in Moscow but the project is global. The company PassLfix is registering in Zug (Switzerland).  

What can people expect from PassLfix in the near future?

People will see evolution with services like our blockchain-based marketplace, which uses the PassLfix solution.

Can you please explain us what benefits you expect from the partnership with BitBoost?

PassLfix creates solutions for P2P delivery services, which are already growing globally but that could expand still more rapidly if we provide them with a built-in trust system. This is what we’re doing with delivery smart contracts, blockchain proofs and tamper evidence. We want to integrate the parcel-monitoring platform in our blockchain-based marketplace platform created by us, BitBoost. We hope that many users will want to buy items with secure and tracked deliveries and therefore delivery businesses will offer this service. Our blockchain-based marketplace platform can interface with the system of these services for an agreed price, for instance, and PassLfix can provide them with the phone application to interact with the blockchain and send the GPS and sensors data stream. The partnership between us should be very useful for both parties. The integration with an Ethereum-based platform will be easier and for users who want to buy or sell items in ETH, there will not be any exchange rate issue for the shipping. BitBoost will also provide a reputation system for users. PassLfix has a reputation system, but only for couriers or transporters. The partnership will be very valuable.

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