More delivery options for The Block: Our agreement with LWF.

LWF agreement

In the previous post, our CEO Paul Mahone discussed a partnership with PassLfix, a startup offering delivery services using blockchain technology. This agreement will allow us to give The Block´s users more delivery options. Of course, buyers will have the option to use standard delivery companies too, whichever they prefer.

Now, we are adding another decentralized, blockchain-based, third party service for delivery: LWF, a recently created startup. LWF uses integrated blockchain technology to provide excellent solutions to the logistics service. It will let users have a decentralized, clear, and profitable environment where they can safely build the first P2P-logistic-network. Four services will be the core of this system:

  • P2P-Freight Forwarding Services: The first service in the world that allows anyone to receive or send parcels across the globe. The first practical model for secure, decentralized logistics.
  • P2P-Collecting Points: A service where users can have their parcels delivered by forwarders, who will keep them safe and ready for delivery. The forwarder will agree to a preferred delivery time.
  • Mobile APP: P2P Express Delivery: With the LWF mobile app, you can request same-day parcel deliveries from your location to a nearby destination via LWF forwarders.
  • LWF-Internal Logistics Provider: The fully equipped LWF logistics base is now ready to provide all services. It guarantees uninterrupted service 365 days a year and new services will be introduced each year.

How is LWF going to be used within The Block? Through 3 features:

  • Registered LWF vendors will offer freight-forwarding services to users of The Block.
  • Sellers on The Block may use registered LWF vendors to deliver their goods to buyers.
  • LWF vendors will use the LWF internal network and follow the LWF business strategy to ensure the security and privacy of The Block’s sellers and buyers, as well as the satisfactory delivery of goods.

Delivery is a critical part of the value chain for an optimal e-commerce service. Having several partners will help us provide the best service for our users. Because The Block is a decentralized project, and BitBoost believes in the privacy and security that blockchain technology provides, we will always try to integrate decentralized third-party services. In this way, BitBoost will help to create and nurture a decentralized ecosystem, redefining e-commerce through the blockchain.