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BitBoost allies with Status

Several months ago the BitBoost dev team contacted the crew at to start implementing The Block, our decentralized e-commerce marketplace, into their Status app. Now, we are able to officially announce this exciting new collaboration! Our alliance with Status will help The Block to participate more fully in a thriving blockchain ecosystem, enabling people to freely trade in a decentralized way.

Status is a completely open source Ethereum app with a decentralized wallet for mobile phones, which allows users to browse, chat, and make ether payments over the Ethereum network. Main features include an ETH wallet and a browser where you can find useful and reliable dapps to perform a wide range of actions. All data is stored by the user and never shared with other applications, so privacy and personal data control is fully guaranteed. Status integration of The Block will be done through the web browser version of our app, which BitBoost released on November 21st, as an alpha version. This integration will allow users to directly sell and buy goods through their phones, paying and receiving payments in a reliable, quick and easy way. We asked our CEO Paul Mahone about this new collaboration, and he gave us his insights:

“We are very happy  to be working with Status, because this project is aligned with us on several levels: technology, ecosystem, privacy, and philosophy.

On the technology side, we both use Ethereum to build decentralized apps using smart contracts. Status is doing great dev work, so this integration will be smooth and really valuable for the users.

We also believe, like Status, that Ethereum will reach global adoption only through a strong, connected ecosystem of apps. We need to encourage this by aggregating practical apps that people can use and enjoy. Collaborating with the Status crew, who are also trying to facilitate a thriving ecosystem, makes a lot of sense to us.

And, we applaud the Status commitment to open source code. We plan to release all code as well, as soon as The Block is firmly established as a self-sustaining, e-commerce marketplace.

Moreover, we feel that user privacy is a must. Status users will always retain their data for themselves, and they could use The Block without any sign in requirements from our side. In any case, we are not storing any personal data, so it also makes a lot of sense to integrate The Block with Status.

Finally, our company philosophy is the same: collaboration, decentralization, privacy, and real, functioning products are at the core of both projects. How could we not collaborate with them? We believe that we have great synergy. This is a win/win scenario for everyone.”

If you want to be a seller and become pa rt of this project, please drop us a line at [email protected] We are looking for people like you!


Our open beta version of The Block is already available!

open beta version of the block

A few weeks ago BitBoost released to selected testers a private beta version of The Block, a marketplace for e-commerce built over the Ethereum blockchain. This first version was deployed to test main features, such as listing, selling, buying, sending and receiving funds and tokens in the built-in wallet, searching, and messaging between users.

During the past three weeks the developing team has been carefully taking note of all the bugs and suggestions reported by the first group of beta testers. Many testers praised the job done, but they also pointed to some issues to be solved. Most issues were related to the listing feature, which lacked the ease and speed displayed by other features. Minor localization, UI and code bugs were also commented on through email and social channels.

With this highly valuable feedback, BitBoost developers have been working to ship a stronger and more stable open beta, already available on the web page via this link:

This version includes, as the previous one, the following features:

  1. Listing.
  2. Payments.
  3. Messaging.
  4. Searching.
  5. Wallet functionalities.
  6. Some basic UI options.

Previously, The Block was tested over the Ropsten testnet. This network lacked the computational power to smoothly run the app, since few nodes were working, and always at a very slow pace. Because of that, this new version of the app will be tested on a private network created by BitBoost. But, do not forget – do not use your real ETH! Use only test ETH (ether) during this beta test period or you will lose real money. When downloading the app you will receive clear instructions regarding ETH, tokens (BBT), and payments within the app, together with further info for beta testers.

This open beta testing period, starting today, will be run just for desktop apps: macOS, Windows, and Linux. A web browser alpha version will come very soon, and BitBoost expects to start developing the iOS and Android versions at the end of this year, once the already running token sale round is finished. For further info about next steps, please check BitBoost´s roadmap on the website.

The BitBoost team is really excited about the beta release. As Paul Mahone, BitBoost´s CEO, says: “Until this moment we have been a small project working on a product for over two years. Right now, we are starting to raise our voice within the crypto community, and even beyond, inviting people to join our community of beta testers and first users, to help create a decentralized network for e-commerce. This open beta is a cornerstone for our project, to redefine e-commerce through the blockchain, and we hope that people will appreciate it, supporting our project during the coming years.”

October technical updates for The Block

technical updates for The Block

Since the release of our private beta, our dev team has been working hard to fix all the bugs detected by our first testers (thanks, people!). We are preparing the public beta release, which will come very soon, so we can tell you about the most important technical updates for The Block, made in October:

  • In the transaction page detail, we added the ability to enter your own link for a blockchain explorer.
  • News section is hidden until we have news pulled directly from the blog.
  • Orders/purchases sync improved.
  • Fixed beta styles.
  • Fixed beta external URL opening.
  • View All Items sorting shows active type in dropdown.
  • Added a Buy Item error handler when user has too little money to complete purchase.
  • When clicking on a tag, tag is highlighted on the page.
  • Suggested items has better logic now (it was almost always empty).
  • My Orders: fixed problem “could not get items from DB”.
  • Fixed bug where app would not run on Linux.
  • Single Item price overflow bug fixed.
  • Single item inoperative back button on image fixed.
  • Clear cache function now logs you off.
  • Block listing with 0 BBT in wallet now shows text instruction on how to get BBT.
  • Actions refactored — now every event creates an ACTION, which is shown on bottom left part of the screen. Blocks any action when another action is in progress.
  • Error reporting checks & fixes.
  • Added a tutorial on first start.

Our next beta release will include all these updates, plus a few more still in development. Of course, we will let you know when it is ready for downloading. Thanks for being there!!