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How can you contribute to the Open Source Project?

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Contribute to our Open Source Project

BitBoost’s blockchain e-commerce marketplace will be the flagship application for our technology, but our ultimate goal is far wider that launching a single product. We want to build a thriving community of like-minded businesses and individuals, all working together to create, promote and use a diverse suite of open source e-commerce apps and tools. We are really excited about our Open Source Project (OSP), and hope you will get involved! Do you want more information? Join our Open Source Project mailing list and get regular updates.

As we detailed in this blog post, we’re working towards something much bigger than a single blockchain e-commerce marketplace – even if (as we hope) it turns out to be really popular. Crypto projects are all about collaboration and community. They’re developed on open source technology and the most successful initiatives are the ones who have really taken that ethos to heart. They build diverse and vibrant ecosystems around the tech, with a broad range of stakeholders – from businesses and their customers to supporting services and infrastructure, media, publicity and traders, to name a few. And, most importantly, the best projects do a great job of engaging their communities to contribute directly and indirectly in all kinds of different ways.

Contributing to open source projects

That’s exactly what we want to do. BitBoost is looking to build a movement, not just an application. And while blockchain and the tech is important, it serves a greater purpose in providing a focal point for our community and all those who contribute to the wider vision.

When it comes to open source initiatives, people typically think it’s all about the software. If they’re not a developer, they often assume there’s no way for them to contribute. Admittedly, a lot of the activity happens around code repositories on GitHub and other platforms, and that can be kind of daunting if you don’t know what’s going on. (In fact, it’s a little like being dumped in a foreign country with no understanding of the local language or customs.) However:

It is a big mistake to think that if you don’t code, you can’t contribute!

There all kinds of different ways in which people get involved in open source projects, and contributing code is only one of them. This article is a great introduction to open source culture and all the ways you can help out – and why you might want to. Here are some of the things you might like to try out for BitBoost’s OSP.

Join our Open Source Project!


Ok, we’ll just get this one out of the way first. Code isn’t the be-all and end-all of the OSP, but it is kind of important and we’d love to hear from you if this is in your skillset. If you’re able to help build and refine the blockchain e-commerce marketplace and all of the other tools we’re hoping will grow up around it, please get in touch – whether that means pointing out a bug, reviewing code or creating a whole new application.


Like being the first to try out a new application? Then this is a great way to help out. Early iterations of any software invariably have glitches, and it’s vital the bugs are located and squashed as soon as possible. Sometimes they can represent a security risk, other times they’re more of an annoyance that detracts from the user experience. If you’re a developer, and particularly if you know what you’re doing with blockchain and smart contracts, you’re more likely to be able to hunt down the former. But you don’t need any coding experience at all to be able to test drive an app – in fact, if you can give genuine feedback as an everyday end-user (that is, with an eye to what it’s actually like to use it, rather than an interest in what’s going on under the bonnet) that that’s hugely valuable.

Content managers and creators

Then there’s the vast swathe of activity that falls under the general heading of ‘content’. That can be directly related to the project: documentation, for example, which might include:

  • Written tutorials about how the products work for end users
  • Annotated screenshots
  • Video explainers and screencasts for given activities
  • Translations for key documents and posts
  • API documentation

But it also includes a whole bunch of other stuff that indirectly adds value for the community. For example, many blockchain platforms and projects have official or unofficial websites and publications that have built up around them. These host blogs and articles about both that project and the wider crypto space; reviews; how-tos; opinion pieces; market reports; breaking news; sponsored posts and adverts… the list goes on.

Spreading the word

The best application in the world will fail it doesn’t have users. That means getting the word out via as many channels as possible – Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and other social media platforms, as well as in blogs and articles on various websites and publications. All Likes, Shares, Retweets and Upvotes are appreciated! Perhaps you have a particular niche within which you have your own following and influence. Or perhaps you’re looking to establish yourself as a crypto commentator and influencer, in which case, discussing a new project is a great way to attract some interest.

Just being helpful

Friendly, helpful community members are massively underrated. Every crypto community has a few of these: enthusiasts who go above and beyond to help out, giving advice and guidance to newcomers, answering questions, pointing them towards key resources, and simply being generous with their time. These enthusiasts are super-connectors and conduits for knowledge who set the tone for a community, which would be very much poorer without them. (They frequently prove to be very successful in their own initiatives, too, having built up a wealth of contacts and expertise by doing what they love.) You may have fallen into that role without even realising it – so if that’s you, know that it’s appreciated.


We’re really excited about our blockchain e-commerce marketplace and all the advantages that it will bring to the sector, but there’s a bigger prize at stake. And we need you to make it happen! There are so many different ways you can contribute to BitBoost’s open source project, creating a community of enthusiasts around these blockchain-based tools and applications – so if you see a way to get involved, please don’t hesitate!

Introducing the BitBoost Open Source Project

BitBoost’s Open Source Project (OSP) aims to build a community of contributors around our core software, goals and values. We want to foster a lively, active group who believe in decentralised systems and the potential that a blockchain e-commerce marketplace holds for everyone!

Open source benefits

As you’ll be aware from our blog, we are big fans of Open Source (OS) software. Blockchain systems and open source development have always gone together. Bitcoin and every other open blockchain operate on the principle of transparency, and anyone can audit the code and contribute in one form or another. This is absolutely vital for the security of the protocols (something that was powerfully illustrated by a Bitcoin Core dev anonymously reporting a potentially fatal bug in Bitcoin Cash earlier this year), which is in turn critical for the confidence of the users who hold billions of dollars worth of digital value on them. The old paradigm of closed development, proprietary software and ‘black boxes’ simply doesn’t work – not to mention that huge benefits come from a collaborative approach.

Blockchain open source e-commerce

BitBoost is developing the core software for its blockchain e-commerce marketplace, its flagship product. This will be a full-featured platform that enables buyers and sellers to connect directly, with a great user interface and all of the search and listings features of regular e-commerce platforms. We have detailed in our blog the approach and tech we are using to build this, including Ethereum’s smart contracts and IPFS.

But our ultimate goal is wider than this. The aim of the BitBoost OSP is to facilitate the creation of a wide range of e-commerce apps that anyone can use for their own purposes. Additionally, we want to grow and strengthen our overall ecosystem. Building an open source community around our products, code, ideas and values is the best way to do that. Developers can use the core BitBoost code for their own applications and, when third-party developers create something useful to BitBoost, we can integrate that into the main marketplace. The impact of this will be to break down the ‘silo effect’ of mainstream e-commerce, where marketplaces are intentionally segregated from each other and companies jealously guard their userbases.

Some of the things we will enable through our OSP include:

  • Encouraging merchants to build their own marketplaces using our code, connecting to BBM’s smart contracts via our API
  • Connecting external e-commerce stores to our marketplace
  • Building e-commerce plug-ins and solutions for popular integrations, such as WooCommerce and Magento – thereby linking them seamlessly to the blockchain.

Thanks to…

We have already been grateful recipients of the benefits of open source software. As we open source our own code we want to say a big ‘thank you!’ to all of the projects we have drawn on to make the BitBoost Marketplace happen! This is a list of the major projects, but it’s by no means comprehensive:

  • Ethereum
  • js
  • Angular
  • Electron
  • IPFS
  • js-ipfs
  • SQLite
  • web3
  • Express
  • Lodash
  • Gulp
  • jQuery
  • Git
  • Bootstrap
  • SafeLow Gas Price
  • MyEtherWallet
  • ngx-translate
  • ngx-image-cropper
  • io
  • MongoDB
  • WordPress

Having benefited so much from existing open source code and communities, we consider it an honour to be able to give back in this way with our own project, helping to continue the great work of the OS movement – without which we wouldn’t be here in the first place.


One of the major ways we will be driving forward the BitBoost OSP is through our Github account, where we will keep all of our code, along with all of the necessary documentation for it. We will also have a Code of Conduct. Open source means an open community, but we want to create a welcoming and respectful group where everyone feels comfortable sharing ideas.

We will use Github to engage the community in a variety of ways. For example, we’ll be asking for ideas for the kind of features you think are necessary and useful. We’ll also be asking for specific contributions, as and when that becomes relevant. We will connect this with our roadmap and our plans for the future, so people will know what’s coming down the track and can think about what might be needed to make it happen.

Community management

The community will be actively managed by BitBoost, with dedicated admins who will support contributors, help community members, and enforce some simple rules. Since the open source community is, in general, composed of cooperative, intelligent, independent thinkers, these won’t be onerous (basically, keep it respectful and don’t do anything illegal).

We are collectively responsible for the kind of community we choose to be, and everyone plays a part in promoting the community spirit they find most helpful. Since that has such a huge role in attracting and keeping the kind of people who will contribute generously, drive innovation and further the community, getting it right is a virtuous cycle. Ultimately, it comes down to little more than courtesy and common sense: Everyone knows that guy, who acts that way. Don’t be that guy.

Want to get involved?

Everybody is welcome to join our open source community and help build our blockchain e-commerce marketplace ecosystem. If you would like to contribute, please reach out to us through [email protected] or on Telegram! You can also also help us by filling in a poll about your preferences for our Open Source Project.

BBT listed on Mercatox

BBT listed on Mercatox

The BitBoost token (BBT) has now been listed on the Mercatox cryptocurrency exchange, in addition to its existing listings on Yobit and EtherDelta. Mercatox is still a relatively small exchange but offers a wide range of digital currencies.

You can trade BBT against BTC ( or ETH ( Find out more about the exchange at  

In addition to this listing, BBT can also be traded at TokenJar. This is another decentralised exchange, like EtherDelta, and requires you to install MetaMask. It will likely only be suitable for more experienced crypto users since the process and user experience is very different to regular exchange platforms.

Become an Ambassador for BitBoost!

Do you want to help grow our community of sellers? Do you want to earn some money while contributing to the success of our project? If the answers are “yes,” join our Ambassadors Program!

What is an Ambassador?

An Ambassador could be either an individual or organization willing to collaborate with our project on a local basis.

What are the requirements for being an Ambassador?

Anybody over the age of 18 can apply to be an Ambassador! For now, all you need are a passion for crypto and your willingness to support our project. Before receiving any payments, you will also need to submit a government-issued ID.

What is the role of an Ambassador?

An Ambassador is a local community leader who supports the BitBoost project. Your function is to promote our marketplace and protocol, educate people about our products, and onboard new sellers.

Will be there any support for Ambassadors from BitBoost?

Yes! Although we are still a small company, we can support Ambassadors by providing marketing and education materials, and through a dedicated Telegram channel.

Can Ambassadors expect to receive any revenue?

Yes. For every listing created as a result of an Ambassador’s recruitment, BitBoost will pay a percentage of the money earned. When an Ambassador brings in a new seller, the Ambassador will receive 20% of the new seller’s listing fees during the first month. During the next two months, s/he will receive a 10% of the fees paid by the onboarded seller. Ambassadors must be transparent with sellers regarding the referral percentage received, and this will be included in the marketing materials we provide you. A proof of identity will be required of you before any payment is made. All payments will be made in ETH.

Could I be expelled from the program?

Yes. If we detect that you are trying to play the system, bringing fake sellers or listings, or not being transparent with sellers regarding your referral percentage, we will terminate your participation in the program. 

How do I apply to the Ambassador program?

To apply, please fill in the form below, and thanks for joining us!

Interview with Frederic Vedrunes, CEO of Piloteo (formerly PassLfix)

Interview with Frederic Vedrunes.

In this interview we will have a conversation with Frederic Vedrunes, CEO of Piloteo. Frederic is an entrepreneur and a seasoned developer with experience in the financial, building, and supply chain sectors. Piloteo is a good example of the potential of blockchain technology to improve supply chain value for both customers and sellers. More specifically, Piloteo is addressing the operations processes of the local delivery of goods, usually referred as the “last mile” of e-commerce delivery.

The last mile is often the most cost-intensive aspect of any product delivery service. It requires making deliveries to final customers over relatively large areas. This involves complicated delivery process automations, renting or owning warehouses, a fleet of delivery vehicles, and the extensive training of employees. Companies are always looking for the best ways to improve efficiency and introduce cost-saving methods to this critical process.

Companies like Piloteo are now exploring blockchain technology. Frederic kindly sat down with E-commerce Decentralized to explain the Piloteo business approach, and how they are tackling the challenges faced by companies who deliver locally.

Hi Frederic, how did you get involved in the blockchain industry?

Basically, we started consulting mainly to actors of Supply Chain, Facility Management, and Industry sectors. This experience has given us a lot of insights about the potentiality of the blockchain technology in particular for the supply chain industry.

What is Piloteo doing?

We help companies to improve their businesses using the blockchain technology. We also launched a modular platform for Blockchain applications called This platform combines smart contracts on blockchain technology, real-time data platforms, and IoT (Internet of Things) sensors.

We can answer specific needs, such as transferring physical assets with or without deposit, tracking objects or the environment, registering services and business processes on a trusted decentralized ledger, or automating contractual terms execution and financial flows.

What is the technology behind Piloteo? You are using Ethereum smart contracts, aren’t you?

That’s true, but Ethereum is not the only tech involved. Our platform includes basically two key elements:

    1. Smartphone as a smart connected Human Machine Interface with camera, GPS and sensors.
  1. Smart contracts for registering business processes, services, pictures, and documents in Blockchain, as well as for managing deposit or invoicing accounts in an automatic and secure way.

This allows us to create what we call “smart assets,” with a unique digital identity and public properties like the supplier in the Blockchain. In the case of deliveries, this technology provides a decentralized way to track each package without revolutionizing the user experience or the existing information systems. Transporters use a light-client smartphone app and connect sensors in their truck for temperature control if needed.

How did you come to this idea? Have you already tested it with a MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

The idea came from a use case: what can I do if I lose my camera in a hotel on a tourist island far away from my city? Our solution is to use a “delivery smart contract” to manage the deposit of a transporter-traveller in a easy and secure way and without any third party. With the blockchain we can certify transfer and contents of packages and we can automate deposit account management. And with a connected smartphone we can track the package at any time, which allows us to reduce disputes and to easily solve customer’s complaints.

We realized in June 2017, with the company Streamr, a prototype based on our concept of a peer-to-peer package delivery. And we demoed at the last Finovate Europe 2018 our solution for a modern delivery, with a nice feedback from both financial and business managers. The demo is recorded and uploaded to Finovate’s video channel, so everybody can understand the main features and advantages of our solution.

Indeed, we have now a MVP of the platform with secure elements we can include in any mobile application.

The blockchain business is all about building ecosystems. Are you actively working on that?

We offer our services to companies in this emerging blockchain ecosystem and to those who are still exploring the best way to implement a blockchain solution in their business value chain. Our vision is that eventually we will have more efficient businesses due to the blockchain technology.

When do you expect to launch the final product? What is your business approach for building a revenue stream with your API?

Regarding deliveries, we developed an API for the creation of smart contracts from e-commerce marketplaces. And we work with transporters wishing to modernize their processes and increase customer satisfaction through better tracking and security during the delivery of physical products. We provide technical assistance for the mobile application and we charge a fee depending on the Blockchain and IoT data streams volume.

One missing point in many blockchain products is user experience. Many of the current decentralized apps seem really cloggy and confusing to regular users. Are you actively working on UX? How are you “delivering” the best experience to users?

Ha! Well, we work closely with every customer in order to design the front-end application and to develop the smart contract following user experience and customer needs. This is done with three main principles in mind: the application has to be efficient, easy-to-use, and secure.

Finally, in your opinion what is the main value that blockchain technology brings to the supply chain in general, and to the e-commerce fulfilment in particular?

The Blockchain technology brings to the supply chain tangible results as, and amongst other things, tracking of each parcel, reduced fraud, increased customer satisfaction, simplified back-office tasks and better invoice control.

Thanks, Frederic. Do you want to add something more?

The Supply Chain is probably one of the sectors where the Blockchain technology can create more value for both companies and customers. And we are proud to be involved in this fascinating evolution!

Update about group withdrawal from Ambisafe.

Earlier this year, we announced a potential solution to the issue of withdrawing BBT from Since Orderbook charges (currently) 15 BBT to make a withdrawal of BBT, we planned on conducting a group withdrawal. We would do a single withdrawal of all the BBT sent to our Orderbook account, and then manually return the BBT to  individual, non-Orderbook wallets.

However, tech support at Orderbook has informed us that there is also a 15 BBT fee to send BBT between Orderbook users, so a group withdrawal has the same cost as just withdrawing to your own external wallet.

We are left with only our original solution, which is reimbursing Orderbook users for the withdrawal fee. Note that we will only reimburse for ONE withdrawal, so if you want all your BBT out of Orderbook, it is better to do it in one transaction, because that is all BitBoost will reimburse you for. During the following days, we will give you more instructions about how to proceed with reimbursement.

This is the “least worst” of all the possible solutions. We would prefer that BBT holders were not in this position, but Orderbook’s fees were a surprise to us too. BitBoost values its community, and we are doing what we can to absorb this cost. Thanks for your patience and support.

>>>>>>>> POST UPDATED ON WED, 7TH MARCH, 2018<<<<<<<<<

How to get your fee reimbursed

To receive your reimbursement of 15 BBT, please fill in the form below with your email, address, and transaction ID. We will proceed with the payments as soon as possible. If you have any further questions, you can find us on our Telegram channel, or you can drop us a line at [email protected]

You will only be reimbursed once, so we recommend that you get all your tokens from Orderbook in a single operation! If you do not withdraw all of your tokens the first time, you will be responsible for paying the fee after the first withdrawal. Thank you very much for your patience and support!



We are launching our Sellers Program!

It’s happening! During the first half of 2018, we’ll be setting up the foundation for our project. This means finishing the app, finding our first group of sellers, and seeding our live marketplace with a large supply of items to purchase. We will release our next product build shortly, which will be a cleaner, more functional build. For now, we will explain what steps we are taking to seed our marketplace:

  1. We are searching the web to find potential sellers. Our candidates are those vendors that are already accepting crypto for e-commerce, who want to join us to redefine e-commerce through blockchain.
  2. We have designed a referral campaign (aka bounty campaign) to leverage our community. Our followers and collaborators will receive a reward for every seller they onboard.

If you are a vendor who would like to join us, you can subscribe to our Sellers Program through this landing page. Once you’ve signed up, we will send you a series of emails explaining the advantages of our service as well as next steps to take.

Using the Sellers Program we can also define and better serve our target market. As part of our strategy, we are looking for the right market niches to focus on in order to obtain early liquidity in our marketplace. Then, we will ask potential sellers to confidentially send us information about their products, location, and so on to match them with compatible buyers. If you would like to participate, please complete our Sellers Form.

Finally, we are working with already onboarded sellers to improve our product. We invite our first users to download, try, and test the app. Then, send thoughts and suggestions to [email protected] so we can provide you with the best user experience possible.

That’s it. We hope you’ll join us as a vendor. Let’s redefine e-commerce together!

Our purpose as a company, v. 2.0.

In the summer of 2017, when we started with our marketing campaign for the ICO, we published a small article explaining our purpose to redefine e-commerce. At the time, it seemed like a good purpose, but now that we’ve gained more experience and perspective, we realize that it could use some improvement.

A few months ago, we read Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why” methodology, and it really spoke to us. Basically, Sinek explains that any company or individual, in order to define their guiding principle, or purpose, should start asking why. Why do we do what we do? Why do we want to do it? Only after you’ve answered the Why, does Sinek suggest that people answer How and What. This is a simple, but very powerful exercise called The Golden Circle.

So, during our last overall business meeting in January, we ran this Golden Circle exercise, to explore and better define our purpose as a company. The results were really interesting. We found that, actually, creating an e-commerce application is just the How of our purpose. But we had not yet defined our How and Why. After a brainstorming session, we came to the following conclusion:

    • Why are we doing this? Because we want to make commerce easier for everybody in the world.
    • How are we pursuing that purpose? We are empowering individuals using blockchain technology, removing middlemen and thus facilitating free and efficient e-commerce between individuals and institutions.
  • What are we doing to achieve our goals? We are creating a blockchain-based marketplace, and we are figuring out how to deliver even more tools to our users.
BitBoost's Golden Circle

BitBoost’s Golden Circle

What we realized by asking these questions, is that the core of our business is not simply being on the blockchain, but it’s about meeting people’s needs. We can craft the most advanced blockchain solution of the world, but if we aren’t solving real problems for real people it is completely useless. The blockchain is about people, a community of users freely interacting.

Therefore, although we are a technology/software company, at our core we just want to contribute to a better community. We see ourselves as the facilitators for community exchange, creating the best possible tools we can make for that purpose.

And as a community-focused company, we are trying to be as transparent as we can.  Our marketing and business development plans are wide open to everybody. We invite you to help us build our community of sellers, we actively engage all users to help us build a better product, and we are always on Telegram for anyone with questions or suggestions. We try to be as reachable as we can. Our business decisions are driven by our purpose: to make e-commerce easier for everybody in the world.

So, please, stay tuned. Much more is coming in the following weeks!

Our Sellers Program is almost ready to go.

As we explained in our previous update about our marketing plan, during the first six months our main duty won’t be branding. Branding too early could create problems.  For the same reason, it won’t be advertisement either. Our main duty will be more practical. It will be to find our first sellers for our blockchain-based marketplace. Those individuals will be the seeds of our marketplace, forming a robust supply side first in order to fuel demand.

For that purpose, starting next week we are running a Sellers Program. Its goal will be to onboard as many sellers as we can, directly addressing their needs. Which kind of sellers are we looking for? As explained before, we are focusing on those people or businesses already using crypto for e-commerce. Our payment system right now only accepts crypto (although this will change eventually, accepting fiat), and because of that we are only onboarding sellers willing to get paid in cryptocurrency.

Our Sellers Program will include several actions, mostly handled internally. But we will give also our community a chance to collaborate with us through a referral campaign. What is this referral campaign about? Basically, we will pay those users who actually bring sellers to the platform. More details are coming shortly, so please stay tuned.

Our Sellers Program will also be a test for our product. We will run an onboarding program, where we will work directly with sellers. It will be a highly valuable exercise to improve the overall experience of those using our platform. In the end, it is about validating our value proposition, determining where we need to improve, and setting the foundations for a great service.

Our Sellers Program is, therefore, the first step to build a working, profitable, marketplace over the blockchain. We have a solid plan. We are even working on complimentary projects, and we will update our community as we go.

Update on exchange listings.

Many of our community members have been asking us when we will be listed on bigger exchanges. We are sorry to say that, at this moment, this process is on hold. The reason is very simple. As you might now, we are incorporated in Zug, Switzerland, a country globally known for its willingness to accept crypto companies. Nevertheless, FINMA, the financial authority, is in the process of setting up new rules for all those companies issuing tokens and selling them through a token sale. This means that, at this moment, there is some legal uncertainty. However, that will be solved soon. Meanwhile, the wisest approach is to delay any token operations, and wait for new regulations to arrive. This includes listing our token on any exchange, especially paying for it.

This issue won’t affect the rest of our business operations. We will continue coding our blockchain solution, and finding vendors and partners to build a proper business with it. We want to apologize for the inconveniences that this temporary issue might bring to our community. It’s out of our hands right now. The blockchain world we live in is full of opportunity and change, but it is also a time for regulating bodies to determine best practices and set guidelines. That process takes time. We will adapt as we go, making the best decisions we can to grow this blockchain e-commerce ecosystem. We really appreciate your patience, and your support!

We are going to the World Economic Forum!

BitBoost is going to the WEF!

The World Economic Forum will be held this week in the lovely, winter resort area of Davos, Switzerland. This annual event is probably the best business gathering in the world and blockchain technology will be represented there, since it’s one of the hottest trends worldwide. BitBoost has been invited to several events, where we will have the opportunity to introduce our project to a top-notch audience. We will also look for partners and sellers willing to use our blockchain protocol for e-commerce.

Our agenda for Davos will cover most of the week. If you are there, please join us! Below you can find a list of the events we are attending:

  1. The TransHuman Code presentation, on Wednesday 24th between 17-19 h. The event will be run in Room 1 (first floor) at the HOTEL EUROPE,  Promenade 63. More info about the event here:     
  2. WISeKey Gathering, on Wednesday 24th at 20:00 in the Piano Bar, Hotel Europe, Promenade 63. More info:
  3. Swiss Arab Nights party at Rixo Flüela Davos Hotel, on Wednesday 24th, 19-22 h. More info:  
  4. Blockchain Luncheon featuring Featuring: BitBoost, BuildCoin, Horizon State, at Seehof hotel in Davos on Thursday, January 25, 2018 11:00 AM – 02:00 PM.                        
  5. Visionary Sponsored Event – International Bridges For Justice, at Davos Mayor’s Office (end of Promenade) on Friday 26, 9:30-10:30 AM. Please, email us for more info about this special event.
  6. Impact Investing in Action event on Friday morning, on the 26th of January, 10:00 – 11:00 at Hotel Europe, Promenade 63, Tradeshift Reserve Lounge. Get all the info on the featured projects on the Eventbrite landing page here:

That’s a tight schedule. We will be speaking about how we plan to redefine e-commerce using blockchain technology. No small feat for a startup! Remember that we are looking for partners to build the next e-commerce ecosystem. If you are in Davos, and you want to meet us, please email us at [email protected]. We will be really happy to schedule a meeting with you. See you at the World Economic Forum!