The history of BitBoost team.

(published July 20, 2017)

The BitBoost team has been working together for years on their blockchain marketplace. We are not talking about a rush-for-the-ICO half-baked idea, but a practical application born of the innovative thinking of some real pioneers, who started coding on the blockchain as far back as Spring 2014. They saw a need and an opportunity. Three years later, our blockchain-based marketplace is a reality and moving towards beta testing.

The initial BitBoost team first met within the community of the blockchain platform NXT, and they built their first marketplace – NXT FreeMarket, a downloadable, functional shopping app on the NXT blockchain. This project was started by Paul Mahone, our CEO, and Andrew Lekar, who was involved in NXT blockchain from the beginning. In the following video, you can watch Paul introducing this app in Amsterdam in 2016.

However, the limitations of the NXT blockchain for a marketplace quickly became apparent and the user base was limited from the outset. Seeing these issues as roadblocks to future success, the team decided to move to the Ethereum blockchain in the summer of 2016. At this time they were joined by Samuele Maran, who was in charge of initial marketing and business operations. These three are the founders of the BitBoost project.

Shortly after, several more people joined to help to craft our blockchain-based marketplace. Maksim Sergeev started working on the user interface early this year, as the founders recognized the non-technical challenges of a decentralized marketplace to user adoption, such as the requirement to localize our blockchain-based marketplace in many different languages and to tailor and adapt it for the needs of widely varying legal jurisdictions. The team also incorporated developers to craft mobile apps, such as Riccardo Scanavacca for iOS, and Gianluigi Davassi. BitBoost believes that mobile e-commerce has a strong future, so the plan is to make our blockchain-based marketplace mobile friendly from the very beginning, allowing people from both mature and developing markets to use the app on their smartphones.

As a result, we have been developing our blockchain-based marketplace app, in its current Ethereum form, for more than one year. Specifically, we have expended more than 7 months and 222 days crafting the code. You are welcome to join us for beta testing!

As the application was going through development, the team decided to start building a business around it. BitBoost started researching markets and business models. The team expanded to include people from digital business and marketing, to form the backbone of a fundamentally sound company. Alessandro Tozzi, from Boston Entrepreneurship Center, and Alvaro Rodriguez, in charge of marketing and communications, were added. Yessin Schiegg, a seasoned financial and blockchain expert, joined as an advisor at the same time. Finally, we became officially registered as a company in Zug, also known as Crypto Valley, in May 2017.

Now, as of July 2017, BitBoost is working towards launching at the end of 2017. A token sale to fund our blockchain-based marketplace will be announced this summer, but unlike the vast majority of these events, BitBoost is not asking for money based solely on an idea. Tokens will be sold to use on an existing platform, as soon as we go live. You will have less time to wait before you can actually use them.

The BitBoost team is confident that 2018 will be a great year. With a running app, and many ideas for more features to implement, you will see our blockchain-based marketplace expand within the e-commerce and digital platform markets, redefining services through the blockchain and decentralization. Updates will come soon. Stay tuned!

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