BitBoost roadmap updated

Based on the work we want to prioritise over the coming weeks and months, we’re publishing an updated BitBoost roadmap.

As you’ll be aware, BitBoost are big fans of Lean and Agile methodologies – which is dev-speak for ‘We prioritise working software, iterate fast, and continually learn and adapt to evolving market needs and technical realities.’ This means that while our goal of creating a full-featured decentralised e-commerce marketplace remains the same, we constantly re-evaluate how we get there to ensure we take the best approach. (Our decision to integrate IPFS into BitBoost Marketplace solution for hosting item listing data is a great example of this.)

Work in progress!

While this means we can move quickly, it also means that the fine detail of previous BitBoost roadmaps can become obsolete pretty fast, so from time to time we like to update the community about our latest plans. As before, please bear in mind that this information is intentionally subject to change and is provided as a rough guide only – not a contract set in stone for delivery of certain functionality by a given deadline! If we discover new technologies, encounter specific coding challenges, receive particular requests from users or are presented with opportunities that are too good to miss, we rethink.

With that in mind, here’s what we tentatively plan for the coming months:

  • Version 1.4 (current sprint). This update involves some significant changes to the structure of the app. It includes IPFS integration for item listings and the open-sourcing of our code. The ‘Storefront’ feature enables a user to create a store name, upload items under that name, and allow buyers to search exclusively for items within that store. (In due course, this will be developed as a fully customisable storefront for a business.) The pagination feature breaks up a long list of items into separate pages, to improve app performance and, thus, user experience.
  • Version 1.5. More shipping options to be included, as well as TrueUSD integration, and various minor bug fixes.
  • Version 1.6: Implementation of the Arbitration smart contract and bug fixes.
  • Version 1.7: Web browser version for easy access (similar to traditional e-commerce platforms like eBay).

These updates are likely, at the very earliest, to be completed by the end of 2018. Q1 2019 is more realistic. In the new year, we’ll continue adding features to the BitBoost Marketplace solution with:

  • Version 1.8: Mobile app version with integration of mobile Ethereum OS
  • Version 1.9: Implementation of filtering for search results.
  • Version 1.10: Support for printing mailing labels. Links to search engines, plus sigs and nametags for easy marketplace searching.
  • Version 1.11: Metrics for marketing statistics and sellers. Unfinished items saved as drafts.
  • Version 1.12: Improved bug reporting process, plus backup service for chat logs.
  • Version 1.13: Escrow contract and receipts for sellers.

There’s plenty more to come after this, but the further out we get the more flexible the development plan will be. As ever, we’ll keep the community posted as BitBoost roadmap evolves. Thanks a lot!