BitBoost partners with Beyond Visuals to deliver the best user experience.

BitBoost Partner With Beyond Visual

BitBoost is pleased to announce a new partnership with Beyond Visuals, a design company which will help us to deliver the best artwork and design to our clients, improving their overall experience.

Since 2013, Beyond Visuals has worked with the blockchain projects Komodo, InstantDEX, Skynet, Incent, Chronobank, and Waves to craft branding as well as provide graphic images for web pages, ads, and social media. Beyond Visuals also specializes in UX/UI development for websites and apps.

We fully understand that a friendly, hassle-free product is critical to a satisfying user experience. We strive to provide this. Users can download our blockchain-based marketplace from our website and start buying/selling items in minutes. It’s easy to make and receive payments. Delivery and receipt of purchased items is simple. Our commitment to service extends beyond our blockchain-based marketplace itself to our social media presence, keeping you informed and up-to-date.

Beyond Visuals is already helping us to deliver our message clearly through social media, images, and blog design. BitBoost branding and social media images are the most visible results of this alliance. Beyond Visuals will be a valuable asset for the future, helping us to craft the best user experience possible. To see this collaboration for yourself and to receive BitBoost updates, subscribe to our newsletter.

Finally, do not forget about our roadmap for the coming weeks which will include:

  1. New partnership announcements.
  2. Beta release. If you want to become an early beta tester, please subscribe here.
  3. After the beta release, we will launch our token sale. Dates will be announced very soon.
  4. After the token sale, we will continue to grow our robust blockchain-based marketplace with feedback from early adopters.

It’s an ambitious plan, and we’re looking forward to working with you to redefine e-commerce!

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