Last updated on April 4th, 2018,

BitBoost new team members are here!

Our team is growing! We are developing new platforms and features for our blockchain-based marketplace, improving the beta test experience. We are also preparing our marketing and business development strategy for the next year, bringing more people onto our team, both in development and business functions. With these additions we become stronger as a team, and can expect to meet our short term goals by growing a community of users and releasing a fully working app in Q2 2018. So, without further ado, welcome to Eva, Andrea, Dmitry, and Moshe!

Eva, social media manager

Eva has worked as a Social Media Manager and Content Creator for more than 5 years, as a part of various agencies and media in Madrid. She has worked on international social media campaigns for several clients, helping them to create and nurture active online communities. You´ll always find her looking for the best content on the Internet to share them with the world!

Andrea, webmaster

Andrea is knowledgeable in all aspects of web design and engineering having been a web developer for over 9 years. He is proficient in HTML5, CSS3, JS, and PHP. But, Andrea is not only valued for his tech skills. He studied modern languages and then worked in tourism in both Ireland and Italy. He speaks Italian, English, and Spanish, and currently lives in Thailand. This love of world cultures, combined with his work ethic and knowledge base, makes Andrea an ideal fit for BitBoost.  

Dmitry, app developer

Dmitry is a meticulous and passionate developer, fluent in over a dozen languages including Node.js, Javascript, and Angular. He began in front-end development, then moved on to full stack, and now assists with coding our blockchain-based marketplace for macOS, Windows, and Linux applications. He’s very interested in blockchain technology and is excited by all the possible applications. Dmitry lives in Moscow, and speaks both Russian and English.

Moshe, mobile and web developer

Moshe is a software engineer and blockchain enthusiast based in New York. He is a seasoned MEAN stack developer who designs, develops, and integrates cutting-edge frameworks using Javascript and Python. Moshe applies his deep knowledge of dynamic web projects to our blockchain-based marketplace, integrating our app with, a mobile Ethereum OS. Through his efforts, our blockchain-based marketplace will be made available to many more users. Moshe speaks English, Hebrew, and Spanish.