BitBoost joins Crypto Valley association

The BitBoost team is pleased to announce our entry into the Crypto Valley Association, located in Zug, Switzerland. Crypto Valley is an independent, government-supported organization able to take full advantage of Switzerland’s strengths in order to build the world’s leading blockchain and cryptographic technologies ecosystem.

As a part of the Crypto Valley Association we will have the opportunity to assist in the development of policy regulation, the establishment of a basic support structure for startups, and the creation of a medium for investment opportunities. We look forward to the growth of available technologies fostered by the Blockchain LivingLab for proof-of-concepts, pilots, and prototypes. And, we’re anticipating many interesting future events being organized by the CVA.

We are excited to be a part of the push towards a stronger global presence for our community members. With our own beta of our blockchain-based marketplace almost ready for release (a September date will be announced soon), we feel well-positioned to contribute to this community in a meaningful way.