BitBoost allies with Status

Several months ago the BitBoost dev team contacted the crew at to start implementing our decentralized e-commerce marketplace, into their Status app. Now, we are able to officially announce this exciting new collaboration! Our alliance with Status will help our blockchain-based marketplace to participate more fully in a thriving blockchain ecosystem, enabling people to freely trade in a decentralized way.

Status is a completely open source Ethereum app with a decentralized wallet for mobile phones, which allows users to browse, chat, and make ether payments over the Ethereum network. Main features include an ETH wallet and a browser where you can find useful and reliable dapps to perform a wide range of actions. All data is stored by the user and never shared with other applications, so privacy and personal data control is fully guaranteed. Status integration of our blockchain-based marketplacewill be done through the web browser version of our app, which BitBoost released on November 21st, as an alpha version. This integration will allow users to directly sell and buy goods through their phones, paying and receiving payments in a reliable, quick and easy way. We asked our CEO Paul Mahone about this new collaboration, and he gave us his insights:

“We are very happy  to be working with Status, because this project is aligned with us on several levels: technology, ecosystem, privacy, and philosophy.

On the technology side, we both use Ethereum to build decentralized apps using smart contracts. Status is doing great dev work, so this integration will be smooth and really valuable for the users.

We also believe, like Status, that Ethereum will reach global adoption only through a strong, connected ecosystem of apps. We need to encourage this by aggregating practical apps that people can use and enjoy. Collaborating with the Status crew, who are also trying to facilitate a thriving ecosystem, makes a lot of sense to us.

And, we applaud the Status commitment to open source code. We plan to release all code as well, as soon as our blockchain-based marketplace is firmly established as a self-sustaining, e-commerce marketplace.

Moreover, we feel that user privacy is a must. Status users will always retain their data for themselves, and they could use our blockchain-based marketplace without any sign in requirements from our side. In any case, we are not storing any personal data, so it also makes a lot of sense to integrate our blockchain-based marketplace with Status.

Finally, our company philosophy is the same: collaboration, decentralization, privacy, and real, functioning products are at the core of both projects. How could we not collaborate with them? We believe that we have great synergy. This is a win/win scenario for everyone.”

If you want to be a seller and become pa rt of this project, please drop us a line at [email protected] We are looking for people like you!