BitBoost new team members are here!

by / October 16, 2017

Our team is growing! We are developing new platforms and features for The Block, improving the beta test experience. We are also preparing our marketing and business development strategy for

BitBoost new team members are here!

by / October 16, 2017

Our team is growing! We are developing new platforms and features for The Block, improving the beta test experience. We are also preparing our marketing and business development strategy for

Our token main sale starts today!

by / October 10, 2017

Finally, we are starting our last sprint! We are launching our main token sale! It will begin on October 10th at 14:00 UTC and will end on November 9th at

How to Swap FreeMarket Assets for BitBoost Tokens

by / October 4, 2017

Before The Block, there was NXT FreeMarket, a decentralized marketplace built on the NXT blockchain by developers who are now part of the BitBoost team. Many members of the NXT

BitBoost announces token sale for The Block

by / September 9, 2017

We at BitBoost are happy to announce the dates for the token pre-sale of The Block, our marketplace built on the Ethereum blockchain. We will offer BitBoost Tokens, called BBT,

Tommaso Bonanata joins BitBoost as new advisor.

by / September 9, 2017

Today we are would like to announce Tommaso Bonanata as a new member of BitBoost

Our purpose as a company

by / August 21, 2017

Blockchain technology is here and it is transforming the world. Visionary developers within the blockchain community are laying the foundation for a decentralised internet to improve reliability, security and freedom.

BitBoost joins Crypto Valley association

by / August 21, 2017

The BitBoost team is pleased to announce our entry into the Crypto Valley Association, located in Zug, Switzerland. Crypto Valley is an independent, government-supported organization able to take full advantage

Tori Arcuri joins BitBoost

by / August 17, 2017

BitBoost is pleased to announce the arrival of  Tori Arcuri on the team. For over 20 years, Tori has been a sought-after consultant for business development. Her background in psychology,

What benefits can buyers and sellers expect from The Block?

by / August 10, 2017

As explained in previous articles, the BitBoost team is preparing to release a blockchain-based marketplace which will redefine global e-commerce. It’s called The Block, and it’s special because it’s decentralized.

BitBoost partners with Beyond Visuals to deliver the best user experience.

by / August 9, 2017

BitBoost is pleased to announce a new partnership with Beyond Visuals, a design company which will help us to deliver the best artwork and design to our clients, improving their

A brief description of BBT, our token for The Block.

by / July 31, 2017

The core of any Ethereum blockchain ecosystem is the token, the digital asset that allows users to run whatever features and functions are available. Therefore, knowing how a token for


by / July 28, 2017

At BitBoost we care about privacy. We believe that our users have the right to control and preserve their own personal data, so we do not store any of it.

How does The Block work?

by / July 26, 2017

As a decentralized marketplace, The Block has no central server, no middlemen, and works fully encrypted. Nevertheless, this doesn´t mean that at BitBoost we didn´t carefully design the whole solution.

E-commerce trend report marketplaces adoption. Where are we going with The Block?

by / July 24, 2017

E-commerce trends report E-commerce represents a relatively new sector, but it is one that already constitutes a sizeable fraction of global retail sales and that is forecast to double in

Our history as a company

by / July 20, 2017

The BitBoost team has been working together for years on their blockchain marketplace. We are not talking about a rush-for-the-ICO half-baked idea, but a practical application born of the innovative

BitBoost partners with Boston Entrepreneurship Center

by / July 18, 2017

BitBoost, the blockchain company developing The Block, has recently partnered with Boston Entrepreneurship Center, or BEC. This partnership will help to develop the business model for its blockchain-based decentralized marketplace,

Our roadmap

by / July 17, 2017

Roadmap for BitBoost and The Block With our core software already in beta, we wanted to explain to the community what we plan for the immediate future and the steps

What is The Block? Main technical features.

by / July 14, 2017

The Block is a fully decentralised e-commerce marketplace, designed for privacy and low fees. It takes the form of a standalone app based on Ethereum’s smart contracts and uses the

Meet the BitBoost team

by / July 10, 2017

Putting together a secure, decentralised e-commerce application is no small feat. BitBoost’s talented and multidisciplinary team encompasses all of the different skills required to create, launch and promote the project

New technical releases for The Block

by / July 8, 2017

At BitBoost we have been working for over a year to develop The Block, taking e-commerce to the blockchain in order to unleash the power of free trade. Our purpose

We already have our White Paper

by / July 4, 2017

At BitBoost we have been working very hard to release our vision for the future of e-commerce through a top tier app: The Block, a blockchain-based marketplace, now in pre-beta

Meet our new partner PassLfix

by / July 3, 2017

At BitBoost we are working hard to redefine e-commerce through The Block, our blockchain-based marketplace (if you haven’t registered yet for beta testing, please do so on our website) We